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Ariana Grande’s God Is a Woman Is Now a Fragrance

As a teenager, I’d ask my parents for a pop star’s latest perfume launch for my birthday. One year, it was Britney Spears’ Fantasy; another year, I added Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers G to my collection. With my 30th birthday approach, I may just pick up the tradition again and put Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman on my wishlist. 

The songstress is adding yet another song-inspired fragrance to her lineup to join the sweet-scented Thank U Next and powdery R.E.M. This time, Grande is focusing on her 2018 hit single, “God is a Woman.” On Thursday, July 29, the eau de parfum version hits digital shelves exclusively on in a lovely lavender glass bottle enrobed in a stunning matte gray holder that echos the shape of a gemstone. Like Grande’s other perfumes, you can easily slip the glass bottle from its sheath. 

As for the scent God is a Woman delivers, well, what notes come to mind when listening to the song? Perhaps hints of feminine florals and rich earthiness? Luckily, I got to try out the fragrance before it drops — hallelujah for not having to wait until my birthday in November. 

Upon first spritz, the perfume smells like biting into the freshest, juiciest pear. Even though that’s my least favorite fruit, I couldn’t stop sniffing my wrist. As God is a Woman dries down, gorgeous floral vibes laced with orris and Turkish rose petals develop alongside contrasting muskiness, courtesy of ambrette and cedarwood. I even caught some Madagascar vanilla in there, too. Basically, the fragrance fuses together ethereal fruity and floral vibes with lush woodsiness in a sophisticated, Ariana Grande-approved way.

Stefan Kohli

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