Aquarius Horoscope September 2021 — Love and Career Predictions

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Welcome to September, AquariusDuring August, your ruling planet Uranus went retrograde. As a result, you found yourself reminded of your interest in humanitarian efforts and took a step back from your personal life to look at the bigger picture in your community. Labor Day is Monday, September 6, as well as a new moon in perfectionist Virgo. Try to spend this day off with friends who share your political views and brainstorm ways to fight for causes you all believe in.  

You can get back to saving the world later this month. But first, let’s talk about money. When Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and abundance, enters passionate Scorpio on Friday, September 10, you remember you need to fight for your rights, too. Circle this date in your calendar because it’s a perfect time to ask for a raise. Just prepare before you go into your meeting, and approach your boss with evidence on why you deserve a salary increase. 

On Tuesday, September 14, the warrior planet Mars enters justice-oriented Libra with a theme of fairness. Whether you hear a “yes” regarding that raise, throw a successful political fundraiser — or both — the stars are behind you in your fight for justice. Practice self-soothing techniques, like an at-home manicure, pedicure, or even scalp massage, so the weight of the world doesn’t completely exhaust you.

A bright full moon in dreamy Pisces on Monday, September 20, turns your attention toward your love life and gives you permission to be selfish. Try to stay away from electronics this night, and tap into the wild sexual energy full moons bring. With the aid of the emotional water sign Pisces, this night is ideal for lovemaking. Remember, Aquarius: Even the kinkiest sex can be lovemaking if you do it with someone you care about. No matter if you’re partnered up or single, consider trying something new in bed, treat yourself to a new sex toy, masturbate in the bath, or read some erotica. 

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