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An Overview of the Terrain

Descent to the Soul: An Overview of the Terrain

July 26, 2021– “Our development dilemma stems mainly from our disconnection from nature, both our external and internal nature: the loss of our experience of belonging and entanglement within the natural world and the loss of our communion with the very core of our own individual human being nature our soul. What we have lost, in particular, is the soul’s journey of initiation, a psychospiritual endeavor that connects us in the deepest way both with the Earth community and with the source of our most profound humanity. This journey, if revitalized and reclaimed, can transform everything for us, individually and collectively. ” Bill Plotkin is the author of “The Soul Initiation Journey”. As a profound psychologist, nature guide, and founder of the Animas Valley Institute in western Colorado, he has guided thousands of women and men through nature-based initiatory passages. Here he shares more about the need for soul initiation in our time. (4 readings)

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