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Americans Want to Use Less Plastic and They Hoard Containers Rather Than Tossing, Poll Shows

If you feel like you are piling up plastic containers in your home, you are not alone. A new survey found that 62% of surveyed Americans would rather keep them for possible reuse than throw them away.

The study asked 2,000 adults about their plastic habits and what they would like to improve. More than half (55%) said they would rather keep plastic containers and other plastic items, rather than throw them away.

Half of the respondents have a bag full of plastic bags at home. 44% say they have a kitchen drawer with plastic cutlery. 39% have a cabinet full of mismatched Tupperware, and nearly one in five have a cabinet for storing old jars (18%).

Carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Core hydration, the results also found that 55% do not want to throw the plastics in their home without reusing them.

In fact, sixty-four percent of those surveyed said they never need to buy Tupperware, because they have so many other containers that they have put away. Three out of five said they always try to make a conscious effort to reuse or recycle items.

They wonder “Can this be recycled?” an average of four times a week and they end up throwing another four items in the recycle bin that they’re not even 100% sure they can be recycled.

“It is common to feel that you may not be making a difference by recycling, but it is important to remember that you are,” said a Core Hydration spokesperson.

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“Choosing products made with recycled materials is a simple step in the right direction and keeps plastic within the circular economy,” they added.

The survey also asked for examples of how people had been reusing items. One respondent said they were growing garlic in cut water bottles. The plastic jars are also reused as plant pots.


1. Created an original rustic piece of art to liven up a bare wall by reusing wooden shutters.
2. Growing garlic in cut water bottles.
3. Having saved quite a few large coffee containers, I use them as cat litter in winter, as birdseed, and grandchildren like to use them for digging in the garden.
4. Those round plastic lids on toddler food bags are good for so many things, for teaching kids colors, sorting, and even stacking to build towers.
5. I have turned old frames into jewelry hangers and bottles into pots and candle holders.
6. I repurposed a foam egg box from my new bed, turning it into a bed for my dog.
7. I reuse glass yogurt containers for individual dessert cups / servings.
8. He turned a ladder into a bookcase.
9. Taking plastic jars, removing labels, painting and decoupling them into attractive vases or pencil holders or decorations to use for cotton balls, etc.

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