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Americans Choose Best Road Trip Tunes Of All Time — For Your Summer Playlist

Six in 10 Americans have a carefully curated playlist to set the mood for a road trip, according to a new survey.

In a survey of 2,000 Americans, the results revealed that having your favorite songs ready to go is so essential that they may be the best option for a successful road trip.

Not having access to a playlist was enough to constitute a U-turn for some: 35% of respondents would actually be willing to “turn the car around” if they don’t have everything they need to listen to the music of their choice.

What songs make the best road trip playlists? Popular options included Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd (39%), Hotel California by The Eagles (29%) and Life is a highway by Tom Cochrane (27%).

In addition to the 59% who have a selected playlist, 47% said they have a road trip memory linked to a particular song.

When asked to describe these music-related memories, one of the respondents said, “Moving to Colorado a few years ago, I heard As we ran by National Parks for the first time and [sort of] it became an anthem to go west to start over. “

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Carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Christian Brothers Automotive, the survey delved into the content of Americans’ playlists, especially the differences between generations.

42% of respondents said they “couldn’t stand” the music their parents played on road trips growing up, and 52% believe their generation’s playlist-making skills are superior to other generations , and millennials probably agree (61%).

When it comes to how respondents listen to music, enjoying albums outright may be dead, with only 10% saying they do.

Almost half (42%) prefer to hit shuffle across their entire library and let fate determine what they’re listening to, followed by 26% who like to have a set playlist of songs.

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“As we begin to see the number of COVID-19 cases decline and more visitors come to our stores to prepare their cars for the road trip, we could feel their hope and enthusiasm,” said Donnie Carr, President of Christian Brothers Automotive. . “His enthusiasm got us thinking of all the things that make car trips fun and at the top of that list is listening to great music while driving.”

Carr’s comments echo what respondents indicated, with 78% comfortable taking a road trip in the coming months.


  1. Sweet Home Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd 39%
  2. Hotel California, The Eagles 29%
  3. Life is a highway, Tom Cochrane 27%
  4. Drive me home Country Roads, John Denver 26%
  5. On the road again, Willie Nelson 25%
  6. Old Town Road, Lil Nas X 25%
  7. Shut up and drive, Rihanna 24%
  8. Highway to Hell, ACDC 23%
  9. Hit the Road Jack, Ray Charles 20%
  10. Here I go again, Whitesnake 18%
  11. Don’t stop me now, queen 18%
  12. Go Your Own Way, Fleetwood Mac 18%
  13. Ramblin ‘Man, The Allman Brothers Band 17% (tied)
  14. Paradise City, Guns’ N Roses 17% (tied)
  15. Route 66, Chuck Berry 17%
  16. Driver’s license, Olivia Rodrigo 16%
  17. I’ve been everywhere, Johnny Cash 16%
  18. A thousand miles, Vanessa Carlton 15%
  19. Born to run, Bruce Springsteen 15%
  20. This land is your land, Woody Guthrie 14%
  21. I’ll be (500 miles), The Proclaimers 14% (tied)
  22. Cruisin ‘, Smokey Robinson 14% (tied)
  23. Every day is a winding road, Sheryl Crow 13%
  24. Like a Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan 13%
  25. Oiled Lightnin, John Travolta 13%
  26. Drive, cars 12%
  27. Made in the USA, Demi Lovato 12%
  28. Little Deuce Coupe, The Beach Boys 12%
  29. Ride, Lana Del Rey 11%
  30. Wheel with the changes, REO Speedwagon 11%

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