Alyssa Edwards Is Ready to Make Her West End Debut — Interview

There’s been much talk about how the pandemic has upended some people’s hygiene routines. There are folks who chose to take fewer showers because, well, being around fewer people, they didn’t really see the need. 

Many others sometimes skipped deodorant. As Gabrielle Union told E!‘s Tanya Rad at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, “I’m excited to be out of the house and putting on deodorant consistently.” It’s a sentiment that hits home for many of us now that COVID restrictions are loosening (for now) and people are enjoying summertime activities. 

Naturally, brands are also taking advantage of this newfound freedom people are starting to enjoy. As things like seeing our friends and family, going to parties, and even going to the office become more normal, they’re also urging us to try and go back to our normal hygiene routines — like putting on deodorant.

Degree, noted drugstore deodorant brand, is pushing its #MoveAgainWithDegree campaign to inspire people to go out, have fun, get moving, and, of course, wear deodorant while doing so. The brand has tapped drag performer, dance school owner, and teacher Alyssa Edwards for the campaign. Fitting, because if anyone knows how to move, it’s Edwards. The queen, née Justin Johnson,  tongue-popped her way into the nation’s heart from her first appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race season five, then again on All Stars season two. Her dance school, Beyond Belief Dance Company, was the subject of a Netflix Series, Dancing Queen

Just as it has been for many drag performers, the pandemic has completely shaken up the business, forcing folks to regroup, rethink their approach to their careers, and draw inward. Edwards speaks to Allure reflecting on the past year, her debut on London’s West End with Alyssa, Memoirs of a Queen!, and traveling with (a lot of) makeup during a pandemic.

Allure: Let’s talk about this partnership with Degree. How did this come together and why was it so important for you to partner with them?

Alyssa Edwards: When this came to my desk, the hashtag #MoveAgainWithDegree really stood out to me. I am, I would say, a mover and a shaker. As a stage performer, a teacher, and coach, this last year was very trying for all of us. Especially for people in my industry and work/passion. This past year was very hard for people in my industry.

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