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Allure Magazine’s Favorite Stories of 2020

One of the best parts of working at Allure is knowing you’re working alongside other writers, editors, photographers, and designers who are as passionate about beauty as you are. But that passion doesn’t come to a screeching halt after reviewing a new lip color or breaking big product-launch news. We’re all passionate about the thoughtful writing, creative visualization, and in-depth reporting that the beauty realm invites us to execute. It’s Allure‘s backbone — the common thread that draws our team together and helped us feel connected when we couldn’t be physically together in the office.

When we’re not working on our own respective assignments, we’re reading our colleagues’ stories — both print and digital. And while it may seem self-congratulatory (and really, is there anything wrong with that when it’s demonstrably deserved?), we can’t help but sing the praises of our coworkers and freelancers when something they’ve written, shot, styled, produced, or edited teaches us, makes us laugh, and leaves us more in love with the beauty beat than before we read it.

Here, Allure editors share the stories, series, and shoots of 2020 that we want to make sure you see if you missed them when they were first published. Because if their authors won’t brag about them, we’ll gladly do the boasting for them. 

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