Allure Best of Beauty Awards: Hall of Fame Winners — Skin, Makeup, Hair Products

Every industry has its hall of fame — a way to honor contributors whose prowess and impact cannot be denied. The Allure Best of Beauty Awards arguably serve exactly that purpose, bestowing that instantly recognizable red seal on products that that editors, makeup artists, hairstylists, and doctors agree are the cream (and serum) of the crop. 

But even our Hall of Fame has a hall of fame — beauty products that just keep winning Best of Beauty Awards year after year because, even though there are plenty of amazing new launches that give them a run for their money, they’re simply untouchable. That’s why, for the 25th anniversary of the Allure Best of Beauty Awards, we’ve created a special seal to honor the products that continue to win again and again. 

Does it mean that you shouldn’t even bother trying other products in their respective categories? Of course not — something else may work really well for you. But does it mean you should definitely try them if you haven’t already because hello, they are clearly awesome? Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes.

OK, so none of these products have won Best of Beauty Awards a thousand times, but that’s only because we’ve been giving them out for 25 years. Considering some beauty products’ lifespans last barely a year, the fact that some of these have won three, four, even nine times is incredibly impressive — and even more so when you consider how many have also won Readers’ Choice Awards, too. 

Check them out below — and then find out for yourself why they keep racking up the honors.

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