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All cats are black

March 16, 2021– “What I regret the most is that I was not born beautiful, I already said it.” Jenny Jackson delivers these words with captivating frankness in this poignant Green Renaissance short film. Lacking the experience of warmth and kindness in childhood, Jackson became a person he hardly recognized. In his forties, three words on a sandwich board brought him a moment of self-awareness that matured over slow years. In the mid-sixties he began to deeply explore all the parts of his life that he hadn’t really dealt with. “If you live long enough, you will experience great pain. What you do with it is up to you. It can be beautiful or it can be ugly.” Discover Jackson’s gift of resilient spirit, wisdom, humor, and art here. (8 readings)

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To take actionDig deep and feel your way to the bottom of a wound. What is the beautiful thing you can do by moving on? For more inspiration from Jenny Jackson, watch this follow-up movie with her that was made by popular demand. [more]


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