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Pets have a lot to tell us, and this dog showed the world how to communicate with family using a soundboard. The beautiful Australian Shepherd named Flambo uses buttons with words to talk to his owners. When Flambo nudges them with his paw, he makes the buttons say the words out loud. This helps the adorable dog communicate his wants, needs, and thoughts with his family – an incredible feat!

Flambo’s owner, Abba, has many fond memories with her beloved Australian dog. However, she says that one of the most memorable was the first time he said he loved her using the buttons. Flambo’s ability to communicate with family in this unique way it makes your connection even more special.

How Flambo came into Abba’s life

“I got Flambo when I was looking for a new service dog perspective, ”says Abba. “My other dog was getting old and ready to retire. I found Flambo’s breeder because I have known her for 14 years. She raises great, healthy dogs with great temperaments and I knew I would have a dog that would absolutely suit my needs. “

Little did she know at the time how much Flambo would change her life! Of course, Australian Shepherds are known for their intelligence and training potential. So the fact that Flambo can communicate with the family using the buttons is something you would expect from this breed of dog.

Facts about the Australian Shepherd

According to the American Kennel Club, here are some basic facts about this beautiful dog:

  • They are smart, exuberant and hardworking.
  • They have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.
  • Australian Shepherds are in the herding group.
  • They need a lot of exercise, at least 1-2 hours a day, and a large area to run.
  • It is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States.
  • They are not actually Australian. They probably came from the Basque region of Spain, and shepherds from this area took their dogs to Australia. From here, they were brought to the United States, which is why the Americans called them Australian Shepherds.
  • Australians became famous for rodeos, where they helped herd bulls and perform tricks.
    Native Americans considered them sacred, calling them “ghost eye” because of their pale, ghostly blue eyes.
  • They often have two different colored eyes, called heterochromia.
  • These shepherds can perform a wide variety of jobs due to their intelligence. Common duties include being a guide dog, search and rescue dog, or drug sniffing dog. They are also wonderful service dogs of any kind.

“I knew instantly that he was the right guy for me, and after a few weeks of begging, I was finally able to take Flambo on a trial run and the rest is history,” says Abba.

“Besides the obvious unconditional love, some of the positive things it brings to my life are laughter. I don’t think there is an hour in my day without him making me laugh or smile, ”says Abba. “It’s silly, it’s fun, it’s so happy; and it keeps you entertained and happy all day. “

Why dogs make us feel so much better

Pets in general have this incredible ability to brighten our lives and reduce our stress levels. Dogs also teach us important qualities like love, compassion, patience, and generosity. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that “pet owners displayed higher self-esteem, were in better physical shape, were less lonely, were more aware, were more socially outgoing, and had healthier relationship styles (eg, lower levels of fear and worry) than non-owners “.

According to the Dog Parent Study conducted by BarkBox, 71 percent of dog owners believe that their pets have made them happier. Almost 80 percent find it easier to get out of bed in the morning thanks to their dogs. About 93 percent believe their dogs have made them better people!

Some people call dogs the angels of the animal world because of their loyalty and unconditional love. Studies have shown that even spending a few minutes with dogs can stimulate oxytocin in the brain, the “wellness” hormone. You can feel this love chemical when you are a dog, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. It also increases levels of empathy, trust, and relaxation.

Research published in the journal Science found that just looking into the eyes caused a large increase in oxytocin for both dogs and their owners.

“Of the duos who had spent the most time gazing into each other’s eyes, both male and female dogs experienced a 130 percent increase in oxytocin levels, and both male and female owners a 300 percent increase. “.

Dogs have amazing healing benefits for humansAnd it seems our furry friends benefit too! If you have a dog and want to teach him to communicate with the family like Flambo does, watch Abba’s video for more tips. You can find the button stickers on Amazon.

Pet owners reveal the real reasons why they canceled their plans with friends.

Final thoughts: dogs can learn to communicate with family in smart ways, such as by using buttons like Flambo

Flambo, the Australian Shepherd, learned to talk to his family by using stickers on the buttons. Any owner can teach their dogs to do this with a little patience and training! While Australian Shepherds are known for their intelligence, many dog ​​breeds can learn this unique communication technique.

Dogs have so many benefits for humans, including increasing oxytocin levels, reducing stress, and keeping us active. If you I have a dog As a pastor, you know firsthand how much exercise they need. Dogs just make life better, and if they can communicate with a family like Flambo, it’s even better!

We hope you have enjoyed the Flambo story and all the beautiful things dogs bring into our lives. If you have a pet, let us know in the comments if you have taught them to communicate with you! We would love to hear how your life has changed.


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