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Adopt a Gargoyle and Help Fund the Rebuilding of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

Jawid Karim, CC license

When most people think of adding a new creature to the family animal collection, images of “fuzzy” and “cute” come to mind. Gargoyles and demons? Maybe not so much.

But gargoyles and demons need love too.

“Love is like a tree,” Victor Hugo wrote in his classic the Hunchback of Notre Dame. “It shoots itself; it sinks its roots deep into our whole being, and often continues to cast green leaves on a ruined heart. “

After Notre Dame Cathedral was partially destroyed by fire in 2019, many of its famous statues and paintings were damaged. Now, thanks to a new crowdfunding effort from Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris, the color of love is also the color of money.

People from all over the world are invited to “adopt” their favorite resident monster, or saint, and donate towards his restoration.

A click-through gallery catalogs Notre Dame’s extensive art inventory and watches the progress of fundraising goals for each individual piece. According to the site’s statistics, the male saints have taken a substantial early lead.

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Sadly, in the upper galleries, the cathedral’s iconic gargoyles and fabulous 19th-century grotesques that “recreate the fantastic universe of the Middle Ages” have been left behind in the race for donations. (Joan of Arc could use a little help too.)

What would Quasimodo do?

Since according to Hugo, “The saints were his friends and they blessed him; the monsters were his friends and they were watching over him, ”we surmised that Notre Dame’s most storied resident would ring the bells loud and clear in aid of his beloved friends.

So why not go ahead and adopt a gargoyle today? Come on, you know what you want. And the best part is … they are tame.

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