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Adidas to Launch Plant-Based Shoes Made of Mushroom Leather To Top 60% Sustainability For All Products

Adidas has announced the launch of a line of sneakers made from mushroom-based leather.

As part of a 2021 sustainability initiative by Europe’s largest sportswear manufacturer, the new Stan Smiths will be completely vegan and will be created using mycelium: that is, the vegetative part of fungi that produces fungi.


On December 28, the German multinational announced that “adidas seeks to break new ground: together with its partners, adidas is developing a new material, a purely biological leather alternative made from mycelium, and will use it for the first time in the creation of footwear. . “

This not the company’s first foray into vegan footwear. In 2020, Adidas released plant-based versions of several classic sneakers, which quickly became bestsellers. It has now completely renounced the use of fur in all products and is working with partners on other sustainability projects including recycle cotton and develop a “Particularly climate-friendly running shoes” as part of a campaign that will see that 60% of all Adidas products in 2021 will be made from sustainable materials.

To create its mushroom leather shoes, Adidas is working with biotech startup Bolt Threads, which is partnering with many global brands like Stella McCartney and Lululemon in the quest to bring its vegan vision to the masses. Celebrities like John Legend Natalie Portman have invested in the company.

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While the new mushroom-based shoes have yet to be launched, they are part of Adidas’ broader commitment to the planet that entails the ultimate goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

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“Sustainability is an integral part of adidas’ business philosophy,” said CEO Kasper Rorsted. “We have continued to invest in sustainability initiatives during the coronavirus pandemic and will significantly expand our range of sustainable products in 2021.”

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