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A Valentine’s Day Gift to Self

Emily's Affirmations: A Valentine's Gift To Yourself

February 14, 2021– “The invitation of a friend was simple: take a photo every day of something that brings you joy. The intention was more difficult: to bring a little light to a year of deep tumult and isolation. In the summer of 2020, I like many were beginning to feel the crumbling of time: my calendar was no longer marked by social gatherings and grocery shopping, casual exchanges and worn out routines. The unscheduled hours that I had previously longed for were delivered in bundles and stacks, and I had begun to feel alarming and disorienting. ” Amid turbulent times, writer Emily Barr took on a daily creative challenge that unexpectedly turned into a deep calling. She shares some of that journey here, along with an exquisite Valentine’s Day gift. (344 reads)

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To take actionTake a leisurely stroll through the offerings created by Emily’s soul, and if you’re inspired to share an affirmation of your own with her, you can do so here. [more]


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