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A Swiss Resort is Swaddling the Mountain in Blankets to Stave Off Glacier Melt in the Summer

Stubai Glacier / Andre Shoenherr

Snuggling into a warm fleece blanket after a day on the slopes is a lovely feeling; cozy the slopes themselves As a result, it can also be a great way to keep snow and ice from melting high in the Swiss Alps wrapped in a fleece blanket.

While doing something cozy under a blanket isn’t exactly what you’d first think of to keep something cool, you’re protecting Switzerland’s vulnerable glaciers from the summer sun by reflecting the rays. like ultra white paint.

The 3,238-meter (10,623-foot) Mount Titlis has seen much of its glacier cover disappear in recent decades, and employees at ski resorts that rely on glaciers to keep snow thick and fresh during winter break work for 4-6 weeks securing blankets to give the ice rivers all the help they can get.

Once the worst of the heat has passed, they spend another 4-6 weeks removing the blankets again.

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Polyester fleece blanket coverage at Titlis now stretches 100,000 square meters, or about the same size as 14 soccer fields. This allows patches of snow to keep the ice below cool year-round and to unfold on more bare slopes once winter returns.

The snow is even used to reinforce the heaps of the ski lifts that are pierced in the ice, but that need the snow to support them.

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Known as “White gold,” the Swiss winter tourism market is worth $ 5.65 billion a year. The blankets are a bit improvised, but ski resorts depend on glaciers and preserving them helps preserve, as John Muir pointed out, the entire mountain ecosystem.

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