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A Surgeon’s Compassionate Pricing Model

Compassionate pricing model of a surgeon

August 25, 2021– As a surgeon based in eastern Nebraska, Demetrio Aguila, MD, has attracted patients from 34 states, 6 countries, and 4 continents, not only for his innovative, life-changing surgeries for chronic pain sufferers, but for the compassionate payment option it offers: In lieu of dollars, patients can donate community service hours for their procedures. For example, if a patient needs surgery with an insurance fee of $ 5,000, a donation of 250 community service hours can cover the cost. “In the bottom of my heart, says Aguila, who served more than 20 years in medical missions for the United States Air Force, was hopeful that we would rekindle in our neighbors and ourselves a sense of volunteerism.” (150 readings)

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