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A Story Waiting to Pierce You

A story waiting to get you through

July 6, 2021– “A real charm, an enchantment, this book is pure music. It sings to the reader. This is the real thing. In each paragraph of the book, the Spirit is there. This is what the natives of the Americas have.” We tried to say, but they never let us. This song is the song of wisdom that the natives have not been allowed to sing. “These words by Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) are taken from the trailer for Peter Kingsley’s acclaimed book,” A story waiting to cut through you: Mongolia, Tibet and the fate of the modern world. “More in this insightful review. (13 readings)

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To take actionKingsley argues that to truly approach unity, Western civilization must rediscover its own sacred origins and purposes. Share more in this interview. Take a moment to reflect on your own relationship and approach to unity. [more]



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