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A Paralyzed Yoga Teacher’s Insights

The Grace of the Body: Insights from a Paralyzed Yoga Teacher

April 27, 2021– “Matthew Sanford says that he has never seen anyone live more deeply in his body, in all its grace and all its flaws, without becoming more compassionate with all life. He is a renowned yoga teacher. And he has been paralyzed from the chest down from a car accident in 1978, when he was 13. He teaches yoga to people without disabilities. He also adapts yoga for people with ailments and disabilities, including military veterans. But Matthew Sanford has wisdom for all of us about strength and grace of our body, as we go through the ordinary span of our lives. ” (103 reads)

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To take actionSix years ago, Ellen Pavitt was in a plane crash that left her paralyzed. As she faced her new reality, she felt a deep aspiration to grow spiritually and be more loving. Now see those two aspirations as one and the same. Join an inner circle with Pat Benincasa in conversation with Ellen this Thursday: We create our own reality. [more]


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