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A Palestinian Woman Building Peace From the Bottom Up


A Palestinian woman who builds peace from the bottom up

September 22, 2021– Born in Jerusalem to respected Palestinian scholars and educators, Huda Abu Arquob’s great-grandfather was one of the many Muslim Palestinians who welcomed and protected the Jewish residents of Hebron during the 1929 massacre. “That story has not been properly documented.” Huda says, “perhaps because it challenges the simplistic narrative of Palestinians and Israelis fighting for 3,000 years. Throughout my life, I have felt that it is important to challenge these false narratives and try to change the way we look at the ‘Other’ “. Based in Hebron, Huda Abu Arquob is the Regional Director of the Alliance for Peace in the Middle East (ALLMEP), a coalition and network of more than 130 civil society organizations working in Palestine and Israel on conflict transformation, peacebuilding and direct non-violent actions. She is also a recognized leader in grassroots initiatives focused on inclusive feminist political activism. She shares more in this interview. (12 readings)

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