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A Dog With a Cute Smile Gets the Life She Deserves

Holly adopted a dog with a cute smile named Lupa about two years ago. He ended up adopting her and, after just a month or two, they became best friends. In that moment, she knew she couldn’t allow the dog that stole her heart to return to a shelter. So, he adopted Lupa, and the rest is history! Here’s his story below about a dog who finally found a loving home and the owner who made it possible.

Holly originally found Lupa looking for street food. She had a puppy with her, which Holly assumed was hers. Rescue groups wanted to get her off the streets and into a foster home as soon as possible. When Holly met Lupa, she felt called to take on the role of foster mother.

Holly said this:

“We don’t know what happened to the other cubs and we don’t know anything about their backgrounds. We do not know how long he was on the street. Fortunately, her puppy was adopted almost immediately, while Lupa had nowhere to go, so I offered to take her in. “

Of course, it took Lupa time to feel comfortable in her new home. Holly said that when she first walked in, she didn’t even sit down. He just wandered around trying to acclimate to the foreign environment. Without the puppy by her side, Lupa felt very lonely.

She had serious abandonment issues and was constantly following Holly, making sure she didn’t leave her. Lupa also looked at Holly often, even when they were in the same room. She never lost sight of her and just wanted Holly to accept her. She couldn’t go through the pain of being abandoned once more.

Holly decides to make Lupa a permanent member of the family.

Initially, Holly adopted Lupa so she would have a better chance. Once the foster care period ended, however, Holly realized how attached she had become to Lupa. I felt full responsibility for the safety and happiness of this dog. Since Lupa didn’t get the best start in life, Holly wanted to give her a second chance.

All beings need love and affection, and no one deserved it more than Lupa. Once she decided to adopt the dog with a cute smile, they began to have a lot of fun adventures together. He even made some dog friends that he plays with, whom his mother calls the “wolf pack.”

“Now we live in the mountains where we spend the warmest days by the lake, swimming and canoeing. And then we’ll go on long walks, for hours, ”Holly explains. “He loves to be outdoors, he loves to explore, he loves to be free, he loves everything, he loves the smells. And then she’ll go back inside and be absolutely exhausted, put herself in the funniest positions and fall asleep, usually with her mouth open. “

Overall, Lupa is a sweet and funny little dog with a cute smile that will steal your heart. Holly says she loves walking through the door onto Lupa’s sweet face every day. It’s amazing how coming home to a dog can make you happy all day!

“Lupa has a great personality and you can tell how she feels from her facial expression. She is an incredibly expressive dog, which is hilarious, and has made everyone who knows us happy. She brings so much joy; she’s really lovely, ”Holly says fondly of her furry friend.

One of Lupa’s favorite activities is rolling around in a mud puddle after a good storm. Her mother says she will play in the mud for a good 10 minutes before she is ready to go out. She is very easily entertained, apparently!

The dog with the cute smile now lives an amazing life

Lupa has come a long way since his stray days. She is in a much better situation now, but her mother says she has given them much more in return. Lupa has reminded the family to appreciate the little things in life and slow down a little more. He has also given them unconditional love, as all dogs seem to do effortlessly.

However, even after the first few months of taking her in, Holly still had some doubts. She thought about returning her, but then the rescue center contacted her. They sent her a message asking for updated photos of Lupa so they could find her a forever home.

At that very moment, Holly had an epiphany. He had already found her at home forever, so Holly asked for an adoption application. Why return the dog with the cute smile that had totally changed his life?

Lupa came into Holly’s life quite unexpectedly, but often the best things in life do. She is very grateful to have met Lupa because they have brought so much joy to each other’s lives.

“My advice to anyone thinking of getting a dog, I would definitely look to see if there are any dogs being adopted in your area. There are so many organizations around the world and there are so many dogs that desperately need a home, like Lupa, ”says Holly.

“And there is this kind of unconditional love that you get from a rescued dog, it’s like they understand that you’ve given them a second chance and they really appreciate it. If you can adopt, do so because everyone deserves a second chance. “

Final thoughts on the dog with the cute smile that found her forever at home.

When you meet a dog that lives on the street, it moves you. You want to help them however you can and sometimes that means adopting them into your family! That was the case when Holly found Lupa on the street in Spain, living off her scraps with her puppy.

The puppy was quickly adopted, but Lupa had nowhere to go. However, when Holly found her, something clicked and told her to take Lupa home. Now, she is a permanent member of the family, and the dog with the cute smile has another chance to be happy.


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