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A Conversation with Camille Seaman

Melting Down: A Conversation with Camille Seaman

April 21, 2021– Camille Seaman’s journey to becoming a leading photographer and environmental activist is equally remarkable and inspiring. “Why does my image of an iceberg resonate with you in a way that someone else’s image of an iceberg did not? I can only personally answer that I believe my intention to see this thing as a living creature, as a being itself himself., an ancient, and honoring being who has had a life that we will never understand. So when I photograph it, that’s what I feel and think about, and hopefully, if I do it right, you’ll feel some of That too. I set foot on the sea ice and started walking. It was really dry and squeaky and it wasn’t what I expected. There were little twigs stuck in the ice every ten feet or so, which was the road. I thought “Wow, there’s even a road.” Every ten minutes or so, a guy would come up on a snowmobile and ask, “Do you need help?” I’d say, “I’m just going for a ride. “I walked for a while to point out where there were no more twigs and no more traffic. Everything was white.” What happened in the next five hours was a turning point in Seaman’s life. (98 reads)

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To take actionTake a look at this photo essay by Camille Seaman. [more]


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