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A Communal Approach to Discernment

The Clarity Committee: A Community Approach to Discernment

July 1, 2021– “I want to describe a method invented by the Quakers, a method that protects individual identity and integrity while relying on the wisdom of other people. It’s called the Clarity Committee. If that name sounds like it was from the sixties, it’s – the 1660s! Since their inception over three hundred years ago, Quakers needed a way to tap into internal and community resources to deal with personal problems because they did not have clerical leaders to solve their problems for them. The Clarity Committee is testimony to the fact that there are no external authorities on the deeper issues of life, no clergy, therapists or scholars; there is only the authority that lies within each of us waiting to be heard. ” Parker Palmer shares more in this thoughtful piece. (261 reads)

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To take actionWhen was the last time you felt your inner teacher emerge? When was the last time you kept that space for someone else? How could you practice inviting the soul to “speak its truth” today?


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