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80-Year-old Bonsai Master Creates Incredible Tiny Forests As the Rock-n-Roll Rebel of This Ancient Art—LOOK

Omiya Bonsai Museum of Art

Bonsai is the Japanese art of growing dwarf ornamental trees artificially.

Masahiko Kimura began creating her first bonsai designs in her teens.

Using dead wood carved with tools of their own design, they broke traditional rules that go back centuries.

Perhaps the rebellion that broke Kimura’s rules shouldn’t be too surprising: His first dream? Be a rock and roll star.

Over the decades, Kimura’s unique style has become accepted and even revered, with fans nicknamed him “The Magician.”

These days Kimura, who is now in his 80s, is one of the rare bonsai masters in the country and has apprentices all over the world.

(LOOK the video to tour Kimura’s bonsai garden below).

(MEET UP Kimura in this interview with the great bonsai master).

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