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79-Year-old Diver and This Fish Have Been BFFs for Nearly 30 Years—He Nursed Her Back to Health

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In the fishing tradition stories abound. Whether it’s “the one who got away” or “the one who jumped right into the boat,” almost every story involves a fisherman catching a fish, not the other way around.

But in a plot straight out of Disney, a lovable aquatic inhabitant of Tateyama Bay in Japan has captured the heart of a man in a friendship that has lasted nearly three decades.

Yoriko, an Asian napoleon (kobudai in Japanese), met diver Hiroyuki Arakawa nearly 30 years ago when she was overseeing the construction of a door to an underwater Shinto temple 56 feet below the surface of the bay.

Arakawa began diving at the age of 18. Now 79, he still loves his deep water stays. His long-standing kinship with Yoriko is undoubtedly one of the highlights.

“I would say we understand each other,” Arakawa said in an interview with Great great story“Not that we talk… I kissed her once. I’m the only person he will let him do. “

In time, the fish with an almost human-looking face: “When you look very closely, you will think [she] She looks like someone you know, ”Arakawa jokes, and her human companion became UWBFF (underwater best friends forever).

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On a dive when Arakawa was visiting, he noticed that Yoriko’s mouth had been badly injured. Still, she went to greet him.

Realizing that she would not be able to catch her own food, Arakawa spent the next 10 days feeding Yoriko crab meat that he opened for her near the door of the submerged temple.

Fortunately, Yoriko recovered from her injuries fairly quickly. After their recovery, the bond between the couple seemed to grow even stronger.

“I am not sure if it is the nature of the kobudai or not. It’s probably because there is a feeling of trust between us. I suppose you know that I saved her … that I helped her when she was seriously injured. So I am proud to be able to do that, ”said Arakawa. GBS. “I have an incredible sense of accomplishment in my heart.”

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It sure looks like this is a human who has actually been caught in a love net, and we bet Yoriko has no plans to return it either.

(LOOK Great Big Story’s video on this friendship below).

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