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7 Things Empaths Can Feel (That Others Can’t Understand)

Empaths are people who have supernatural abilities to capture the mental or emotional condition of another person. They are often mistaken for someone who sympathizes with others, but it is much more than feelings of compassion. They can recognize a person’s emotional state just by looking at their face. Also, they can absorb the emotions they feel.

There are different degrees within this unique gift, and some have a more vigorous intuitive nature than others. Some can detect the energy of the person around them simply by noticing alterations in behavior or even tones of voice. Other empathic people will take on the emotions of the close person.

For example, if this gifted individual is sitting in a room with people affected by trauma, he can absorb that energy as if it were his emotion. This gift is not always easy to navigate. In fact, it sometimes makes life a difficult journey. Many empathic people have a hard time balancing their compassion with healthy boundaries.

Even everyday interactions in the office can take a toll on someone with this psychic gift. Since these people can absorb energy in the atmosphere, it can often be exhausting if they don’t learn effective ways to unplug and clear their mind.

Seven Things Empaths Feel … But Others Probably Miss

While you have a empathic nature it’s a blessing, it can also be devastating if you don’t know how to channel it properly. Here are seven things this person feels the average person cannot understand.

1. Extreme emotions of Earth changes

Some empathic people will be surprisingly overwhelmed in certain situations, especially when faced with earthly events. It is a strange sensation that takes over your body because many report that they can feel earth changes occurring in their bodies. These people can feel the pains of Mother Earth during natural disasters and things like the changing of the seasons.

Other empathic people have reported experiencing intense emotional pain from being around something in nature, such as a volcano or a thunderstorm. Since everything has an energy or vibration level, this talented person can pick up on those energy fields in a stronger sense than most. This individual needs to identify the things that overwhelm him and learn to channel them appropriately.

By keeping mental notes of emotionally draining things, you can learn what to stay away from in life. If they are things that you cannot avoid, you must be prepared for the intense emotions that you will encounter. Some empathic people will have extreme anxiety, mood swings, or even feelings of dread and impending death.

Those people who can feel changes within the earth are usually more sensitive than most and rank high on the spectrum of empathy.

2. Taking advantage of being a director

People are intrigued by the gifts of the empathic person, so they often turn to them as confidants of their problems. As highly intuitive people, they can absorb these emotions, making it easier for people to take advantage of them. When people realize how easy it is to talk to and their kind and caring nature, they tend to overload them.

While this is good for the person who needs someone to talk to, it is not always suitable for the person who takes on the emotions of others. It is very exhausting that people are constantly looking for you and wanting to talk about their problems. Many empathic people want to take on roles as counselors or psychologists, but the work is more exhausting for them than it is for most.

Being super sensitive to the feelings of others can cause great emotional distress. Setting limits to protect yourself is imperative, especially when people rely on you more than others.

3. Drained by Energy Zaps of Introversion

Being immersed in the emotions of others attacks you, so having plenty of time to be alone is essential. What happens if a child leaves a battery-operated toy on all night? The toy will drain the battery and stop working.

Empathic people have the same experiences when the emotions of others drain their resources. One thing this gifted person learns is that they need to be alone to recharge. Using techniques such as journaling, meditation, yoga, and nature can help maintain balance.

Interestingly, many empathic people are also introverts and need this quiet time to be alone with their thoughts. It is also essential to balance the type of people you meet each day, as being around people who are constantly exhausted can have a negative effect.

4. Overwhelmed in intimate relationships

Sure, anyone can get overwhelmed when it comes to the dating world, but the empath seems to have an incredibly challenging time. They don’t know how to set proper limits and often spend more time caring for the other person than receiving support. Being overwhelmed and exhausted is normal for the introverted and empathetic person, but it takes it to a whole different level when you add the aspects of the relationship.

Empathic people have a higher degree of vulnerability and can even be more codependent in these situations. Setting limits and recognizing personal limitations can help preserve mental well-being in these situations.

5. Large crowds are selling out

Many people don’t like large crowds because they have social anxiety. Simply being caught in these large masses can cause a person with an anxiety disorder to plummet. However, empaths avoid these groups for another reason.

Imagine being in a supermarket and capturing the emotions of each person you pass by. Walking down the aisle to get a gallon of milk can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to channel these feelings. You can feel the pain of someone who lost a loved one, the devastation of a person who broke up a relationship, and the panic of someone who just lost their job.

All these emotions can paralyze the empathic person if they allow it. Therefore, it is essential to learn to channel these energies and to decompress after the day.

6. Hypervigilance makes it impossible to sleep next to someone

Empaths feel isolated at times, especially in a relationship. Sleeping near someone can make you have an uneven night, especially if you are one of the more sensitive people. When a person goes to sleep, his mind goes through daily events like a loop of a movie playing on a movie projector.

The empathic person not only repeats the events of his day in his mind, but can also feel all those emotions from the movie in the mind of the one next to him. It’s called hypervigilance, which means you’re in a heightened state of arousal. According to the National Library of MedicineThis is often seen in people with anxiety disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

However, when you’re trying to get a good night’s rest, the last thing you want to do is watch two movies at once.

7. Overwhelmed by the need to give

Empaths often go out of their way to help others, but they often damage aspects of their life in the process. It is a common problem that this gifted person does not know how to say the word “no.”

They often offer their time, energy, and even money to friends and family while neglecting their own needs.

Although the empathic person is honest in the extreme, they are not always honest about what they can and cannot handle. They often lack self esteem and do not take care of their needs. Saying “no” causes a great deal of guilt as they feel their superpower has mandates from the Universe to help others.

However, everyone needs to rest their mind, body and spirit, or they will be an emotional mess. If your physical man is ill, then your mind and spirit will also feel the brunt of the pains.

Final thoughts on the things empaths feel

The hallmark of being an empathetic person is the ability to feel and engage with other people’s feelings or bodily problems, as this person has a high level of sympathy. Empaths purify the earth through their great amount of insight, but they often have a difficult time understanding their emotions.

There are many challenges to being an empathetic individual. When exhausted by the effects of stressful feelings, these people may find the following responses:

  • extreme anxiety
  • depressive episodes
  • Binge
  • sexual promiscuity
  • self-medication practices with drugs or alcohol
  • physical signs that do not qualify for a medical diagnosis.

The empathic person must learn to refocus on himself after a day of encountering many emotions. If they don’t understand and use these techniques, they will become overloaded and even sick. Some of the best strategies for safeguarding your sympathies include using things like setting appropriate limits, using time management, meditation, and spending a lot of time with Mother Nature.

Learning to take care of yourself is not always easy. That statement is especially true when you have been given a gift that helps you take care of others. However, you must remember that if you are an empath you have special needs. You must respect your needs because how can you help others if you don’t care about yourself first?

As an article about the National Library of Medicine He states, empaths must learn to turn their switch on and off if they want to be healthy.

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