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5 Reasons Always to Trust Your Gut Feelings

Have you ever made a decision or a quick judgment based on a hunch? That quiet little voice often defies reasoning, and sometimes you don’t know why. However, your intuition is meant to protect and guide you on a mental and spiritual level.

Although most people have intuition, it is often difficult to describe it, says a study published by Frontiers in psychology. Drs. Leiszle R. Lapping-Car and Christopher L. Heavy’s research found that not everyone has an inner voice. Some can only discern symbols, while others have language and symbols. It is a way of “feeling” about something without having prior knowledge.

How does your heart speak to you? Is it the same soft voice you hear in your mind when you are reading to yourself? Maybe you have known this intuitive gift since you were a child. Or maybe you’re not sure and want to become more familiar with that inner connection.

Whether that inner push is in the form of language or symbols, you’ve probably experienced it at least once in your life. Have you ever met a person for the first time and they instantly disgusted you? They might look perfectly charming, but your instincts told you that something was wrong with them.

That feeling in your gut

As a trill being, your body, mind and spirit are inherently connected. When one is affected, the other two are also affected, either positive or negative. Then your whole body will tune into your internal conversation.

According to an article published by Dr. Emeran A. Mayer for the National Journal of NeuroscienceThere is a reason we have these intuitive feelings in the pit of our stomach. Emeran explains that your gut flora works in conjunction with your brain in a system called the enteric nervous system. This interaction is related to higher cognitive functions and possibly intuitive decisions.

It makes sense for your inner voice and your instincts to work together for your well-being. Intuition is also intertwined with your spiritual self. People who claim to have psychic abilities they are often described as sensitive to your intuition on a spiritual plane.

Intuition as an invisible blessing

Have you ever canceled plans to go on a trip or an event because you had an inexplicable feeling? Countless people have experienced the exact intuitive instructions and were glad they did. For some, following their intuition probably saved their lives.

An article published by the Smithsonian share a chilling example. Legendary financier JP Morgan was a registered passenger for the Titanic’s maiden voyage in 1912. Instead of going, Morgan decided that he would stay one more day in France. Did Morgan get an intuitive warning that saved him from one of the worst ship disasters in modern times?

Only the Universe knows what heartaches and catastrophes you may have avoided in the past because you were sensitive to the voice of your heart. Some cases he soon recognized after the fact. Is there something to this intuitive ability or is it pure coincidence?

How do you recognize your intuition?

Have you ever reflected on a decision or judgment you made because you “felt” it was the right thing to do? Then you will have an advantage in understanding the way your inner voice works. It does not always resist reasoning.

Many people feel a tingling in the stomach that encourages them or serves as a warning. Others hear that soft, delicate voice or see an instantly familiar symbol. Perhaps you are one of the thousands of people who receive both intuitive sensations without warning.

The psychic bond

Those who link their intuition with supposed psychic abilities divide these feelings according to their senses. If you see symbols or actions before they happen, it is called clairvoyance or seeing clearly. Clairaudience is a gift in which someone listens to what the spirit says, so it is connected to their inner voice.

If you are clairvoyant, you are so empathetic to the feelings of others that you experience them yourself. Perhaps the one that is most familiar to you is clairvoyance when you know something without prior knowledge.

These are spiritual definitions that many people use to describe their intuitive nature. Some people have an increase sense of intuition, while others rarely have it. You can register anywhere on this internal spectrum.

Five reasons why you should follow your gut instincts

Even the most staunch critics cannot explain the remarkable precision of some people’s instincts. Of course, we are human and intuition can make mistakes. It is always a good idea to do your research and make informed decisions that are crucial in your life.

However, there is no denying how countless people around the world have listened to his inner voice and were glad they did. The more you become familiar with and use your intuition, the more you will trust it. Here are five reasons why learning to trust your instincts can be beneficial.

1. It can be your internal alarm system

We have all met new people along the way who set an alarm in our minds. Although they seem normal and nothing is obvious, your instinct tells you to be careful around these people. Sometimes then you find out that it was just a wrong first impression and you realize that the new acquaintance is acceptable.

However, evolution has equipped humans with an internal alert system for survival. Perhaps there was something wrong with this person that you unconsciously saw. It is better to be safe than sorry and listen to what your instinct tells you.

The same applies to other decisions in your life. If you don’t feel good about something, it could be a warning. You are connected to the spiritual realm that is gently guiding you. The Universe cares about your best interests.

2. Listen to your body

Your body is one of the most precise engineering works in the Universe. It is logical to warn you of any imbalance or threat to your health. Every cell in your body works together for optimal health. They will often speak to you in pain or other strange sensations to get your attention.

While healthcare professionals never recommend self-diagnosing based on your instincts, it is a red flag that you should seek medical attention. Be your most assertive advocate and speak frankly with your healthcare provider about your feelings and sensations.

3. The positive side of intuition

The good news is that not all of your instincts are geared toward negativity or sinister warnings. Are you one of those people who found your soul mate listening to your heart? Your inner voice can often be your motivation to do something new worth taking the risk for.

Intuition and creativity often work together to produce some of the most incredible inventions, music, literature, and art. The discovery of theories and laws in science and medicine began with a hypothesis or a “hunch.” When you learn to trust your inner voice, it is unknown how your creativity can flourish.

4. You can better cope with change

If we all had a choice, no one would want a change. It takes you out of your comfort zone and increases your anxiety. However, change is necessary if you continue to grow, learn, and even live. The Universe is in constant flux.

Listening to your heart can help you with these unpleasant feelings. Maintaining the status quo at work may be fine, but what if your inner voice calls for a change? If you silence that voice, you may lose the opportunity of a lifetime.

Your instincts can also help you stay afloat in times of loss and despair. When all the negative comes against you, it is that soft voice that encourages you to endure. It is the internal cheerleader who says, “You can do it” and “This too will pass.”

5. It can keep you connected with others

Do you feel a spiritual connection with your lover, family and friends? Perhaps you’ve heard the plethora of stories about these bonds that transcend distance, time, and some even tell death. Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling that your loved one was in trouble, only to find out later that he or she was at the time?

The same phenomenon is often described when parents can “feel” the same pain that their children feel from miles away. Although some experts may scoff, you know for yourself when you have experienced this internal communication.

Have you heard the phone ring and instinctively knew who was calling? These heart-to-heart connections also use your inner voice. Just because it’s inexplicable doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist for you.

Final thoughts on trusting your gut feelings

Sometimes you need more than reason to make crucial decisions in your life. Don’t discount the fact that your intuition it also plays an important role. You may not understand how it works, but you can see how it can benefit your life when you learn to trust it.

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