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400 Families Woke up on Christmas to $250 Gift Card Left on Their Porch With a Poem

With all the hardships they endured in 2020, many people found it harder than usual to believe in Santa Claus. That is why Santa went out of his way for some people in the Canadian city of Edmonton to make sure they knew that he still believed in them.

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A St. Nick who chooses to remain nameless left envelopes with an inspiring rhyme along with $ 250 gift cards at approximately 400 doors, bringing unexpected joy to the families within. (For those who don’t know, Santa is also a poet.)

The unexpected gift brought tears to Elisha Tennant, who had been fired as a result of the pandemic. “Having something like this, I mean, it’s grocery month for us,” Tennant said. CBC News. “It was very heartwarming and moving that someone did that.”

When Santa covered the West End and Alberta Avenue neighborhoods, he also suggested that if someone really didn’t need the extra bonus, they pass it on to someone who does:

“Whatever you set out to do, remember to believe in yourself. Don’t you need this? Please pass the baton
because that’s the way that hope continues. “

Several recipients accepted it and donated their gift cards to charity.

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The only clue to Santa’s disinterested identity was an email address at the bottom of the notes. CBC News approached, but the wary old elf preferred not to reveal his identity. However, the anonymous benefactor clarified why 2020 prompted them to take up the mantle of St. Nick:

“I decided to do it because I know a lot of people have had a really difficult year and I had the means to help,” Santa wrote by email. “I hope the gifts have given people the feeling that the world is good and that there is a better future not too distant.”

As we’ve seen over the past year, even when things were looking darker, there have been generous folks around the world who stepped forward to fill Santa’s snow boots over and over again. Whether or not you believe in Santa Claus, that spirit of generosity has the potential to shine through in all of us.

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And when does it do it? Well that’s what makes good news.

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