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3D Jelly Nails Will Be Taking Over Tips This Summer

When you follow nail artists from all around the world on Instagram, you start noticing common threads that circle the world. One, in particular, moved from Korea and Japan outward: 3D jelly nails. They’re elevated, mesmerizing take on the colorfully transparent jelly nail trend of the past couple of years. Slowly but surely, 3D jelly nails are becoming more popular in America, thanks to the power of social media and talented nail artists, like Miki Higuchi, Nic Tran, and Fleury Rose. 

The whimsically abstract look combines the 3D nail trend, which has long been a part of Gyaru, Lolita, and Harajuku fashion, with nail polish innovations, according to Tran (aka @vexnails), who is based in Columbus, Ohio. Add in the fact that avant-garde fashion is having a revival as people reenter the world, and you have the joy of 3D jelly nails. 

Fleury Rose

Bring 3D Jelly Nails to Your Tips 

Because this trend takes a high level of skill and complex techniques, you most likely won’t be able to replicate it at home by yourself (unless you have a nail art background), says New York City-based nail artist Fleury Rose

“I’m not sure that you could walk into any local nail salon to achieve this look, [either],” Tran adds. “But if you do your research and see that the artist you’d like to go to predominantly works with gel, chances are they should be able to create 3D jelly nails.”

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