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27 Celebrity Beauty Brands That Are Here to Stay

Celebrities have been associated with beauty for as long as their images could be printed. The original influencers, famous actors and musicians have lent their faces (and hair and bodies) to countless ad campaigns for beauty brands, and to this day, they still do, often as extremely well-compensated “brand ambassadors.” But it seems, nowadays, being a beauty-brand spokesperson simply isn’t enough for some of the more aesthetically eager and ambitious celebrities. We are living in the age of the celebrity beauty brand.

Sure, we’ve watched as countless celebrities have launched a fragrance or two or 25, but the 21st century — and especially the last few years — has seen an unprecedented rise in makeup, skin-care, and hair-care companies founded by famous folks who couldn’t resist the lure of beauty entrepreneurship. Some have already come and gone (remember Jessica Simpson’s Dessert Beauty?), while others have proven it’s entirely possible for a celebrity beauty brand to become a lasting industry staple (i.e. Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty). 

And despite the seemingly fickle nature of the genre and the fatigue that often outweighs fan enthusiasm, celebrity beauty brands show no sign of slowing. We know of at least half a dozen confirmed to be in the works, some by celebrities who have already succeeded in one cosmetic category and want to expand into another. (Fenty Hair, anyone?)

Here, you’ll find the celebrities who currently have thriving beauty brands. Each one’s star products are proof that a star’s name on the label isn’t a solid reason to try — or not try — them because some serious research, science, and thoughtfulness went into these lines. 

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