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Nothing makes me happier than purchasing an item I’ve always wanted to have. Initially, I preferred retail shopping since I can compare prices in various retail stores before deciding where to buy (I am the type who wants to purchase quality and still spend less).

However, this changed following the global pandemic -everyone is supposed to work from home and avoid physical contact as much as possible. With the lockdown becoming the new norm, I had to change my way of shopping.

The global pandemic has made online shopping the only convenient method of acquiring food and products.

As 2020 started, one of my resolutions was to upgrade my heating and cooling unit. But when the global pandemic struck, I was optimistic that it would be a lasting solution.

Unfortunately, it seems I’ll have to wait for several months. The uncertainty of waiting until the pandemic is over to upgrade my AC unit is quite overwhelming. Thankfully, technology has made it possible for you to find everything online by searching.

Since the pandemic might be here with us for a while, I must make the bold decision to shop online. A whole new experience shopping online As my search for a perfect AC system begins, I have to check online for different brands.

But then I remember a colleague who keeps praising Amazon for being a reliable and leading online store. Unsure of the move, I visited the Amazon website to check the heating and cooling unit that would serve my needs yet cost-friendly.

I must admit that the experience changed my perception of online shopping. There are endless products and air conditioner brands to choose from at the click of the ‘order’ button.

How on earth had I disregarded the idea of buying online? Though nervous about making the order, I decided to order an AC brand from Goodman and pay for the shipping service.

The cooling unit is brought to the exact location I mentioned two days after ordering. I couldn’t believe this! The joy of shopping from the comfort of my house is unexplainable. With anticipation, I open the package, and there goes my HVAC!

It feels like a miracle come true. The unit is appealing, and I can’t wait to have it fixed. Full of excitement, I call my husband to do the installation, and by the time he was done fixing, I was happier than before.

Interestingly, I am too excited and feel like ordering online was the best decision. After this experience, I understand why my colleague buys online.

I have made up my mind about online shopping –I will purchase anything every time I can.

Based on my first-time experience, I am now confident about online shopping. It’s been several months since I purchased anything in a retail store. If you are contemplating online buying and, here are some of my reasons for online shopping: It is convenient: you can get everything at the click of the ‘order now’ button.

Saves time: It is perfect if you don’t want to spend time in different retail stores You can shop at any time, unlike retail stores that only operate during the day.

Being a first-time online buyer, I must say that the experience is memorable.

I am confident that I can shop most of my products from the comfort of my home. The joy that comes with this type of shopping is unexplainable.

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