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22 Red Flags Your Partner Doesn’t Care About Your Emotional Needs

There is nothing easy in relationships; However, certain things are a deciding factor when it comes to your emotional needs. Would you recognize red flags if they were waving right in front of your face?

You have two options, you can work on the relationship problems or you can go ahead and find someone who is not so toxic.

22 signs your partner doesn’t care about your emotional needs

Do you know the signs of a toxic relationship? How would you measure your health and your partner’s connection? Here are some signs that your emotional needs are in jeopardy.

1. There is a general lack of respect

You may notice a lack of respect when speaking as they tend to roll their eyes, sigh deeply, or seem detached from the conversation. Your voice is not important to them, and they make it known. They don’t care about your views, thoughts, or feelings.

2. There are never compliments or compliments

Even if you get a new haircut and makeover, they won’t compliment you. In fact, they may feel bad about you and often ask for changes, but when you make an effort, they won’t praise you for it.

3. They promote disconnection between family and friends

Someone who does not care about your emotional needs will encourage you to separate from your family or friends. They don’t want anyone from outside to interfere with the toxic situation they have. They know that they are not doing well, so they want to make sure they separate you from those who might encourage you to leave.

4. They demand your time

They control your time a lot. The typical narcissist He is very demanding and wants to know his schedule every minute of every day. Forget trying to have a social life, since they want you to spend all your free time with them.

5. They force your intimacy

The emotional abuser can be aggressive in the bedroom. They don’t take your limits into account and will force you to meet their needs. They don’t care if you have a headache or sick, it’s about them and what they want.

6. They control their expenses

Emotional manipulation is often accompanied by many other facets, such as making you ask for money. Even if you win a paycheck, you had better not spend anything without your approval. One way to limit yourself and your emotions is to control your finances.

7. They call you by nicknames when they are angry

Verbal abuse may not leave physical marks, but its damage is just as bad. Someone who insults and belittles you when you are arguing is not the right person for you. Your partner should pick you up and make you feel better about yourself.

8. They are very reserved

While they want to know every little detail of your life, they are very secretive about theirs. Their control tactics are to put the focus on you and take it away from them. They may have a life that you don’t know about, but you have to be transparent.

9. They push the moral limits

If they know you have things you don’t like, like smoking and drinking, they won’t respect you enough to keep you out of the house. Whatever limits you have, they will try to break through to show who’s in charge.

10. You or past relationships have been cheated on

Part of your emotional needs requires someone to be faithful. If they have been unfaithful to you in the past and problems in previous relationships, then it can cause significant confusion. Remember that a tiger does not change its stripes, and cheaters are often repeat offenders.

11. They refuse to apologize

No matter how wrong they are, they will never apologize to you. They have a superior view of themselves, which means that they will not degrade their authority by admitting that they are wrong. It is impossible to deal with this person in an argument.

12. Guilt trips are common

This person is not above using guilt to get his way. They will make you feel guilty and they will make you feel unable to do what they want. Their manipulation tactics can be subtle or blatant.

13. They make you feel inadequate

In his opinion, you can’t do anything right. Even cooking makes you walk on eggshells because you can’t seem to do anything to please them.

14. They will not make the relationship public

Another big problem that can influence your emotional need is desire for validation. Someone who doesn’t commit to you can make you feel awful. There is nothing worse than being stuck in the “friend zone” when you want to take things to another level.

15. The demand for passwords for social networks and email accounts

It’s not that they don’t trust you, but they know that they are less than honorable with their accounts. They want you to tell them all your passwords so they can control your every move. The Pew Research Center did a study in 2014 on how to share passwords.

They found that 67 percent of married couples choose to share passwords for greater transparency. However, it may be a violation of your limits if you do not want to share this information.

16. Your insecurities dictate your life

They make their insecurities a part of your life. For example, they may constantly accuse you of deceiving them, or they may be highly suspicious of your every move. Usually when someone is crazy with jealousy it is because they have something to hide.

17. They have a double standard

While they expect you to live by one set of rules, they live by another. There is no consistency in the relationship, as they expect much more from you than they are willing to give. This is nothing more than an emotional roller coaster.

18. They are mean to family or friends

You can always tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their parents. How do they talk to their mom and dad, and if they’re rude to them, can’t you expect them to be nice to yours? Also, it may not be that they don’t like your friends and family, but it has more to do with wanting to control who you are with.

19. Communication is terrible

Communication is one of the fundamental pillars that people use to strengthen their union. You must communicate to make sure you are on the same page. However, the communication between you is mediocre and sometimes it is difficult to know where you stand with them.

20. You can’t trust them

It is a big problem if there is no trust in your relationship. As much as you want to trust them, there is something in the pit of your stomach that feels bad. A study was conducted and published in the Journal of neuroscience.

The vagus nerve runs from the stomach to the brain, and much research is being done on the connection between the gut and the brain. However, could these instincts be triggers for the anxiety that your body knows something is not right? According to this study, it is very possible that the sensation in your gut is a response to your intuitive side, which is located in the right hemisphere of the brain.

21. They lie

You cannot trust a liar. If they lie to you once, there are probably 100 other lies you don’t know. They can keep you in an emotional upheaval with their disability, to be honest.

22. You have been physically hurt

There is never, ever a reason for someone to get their hands on you. If they do it once, they will do it again. The classic abuser knocks and then regrets and promises the moon or buys an expensive gift. Don’t fall for this type of abuse.

If you let them deal with hitting you or any other type of abuse, then you will be in emotional and physical disorder as long as this relationship persists.

Final thoughts on unmet emotional needs

Your emotional needs are just as important as your physical ones. Nor does a partner have to be toxic or abusive to not meet these needs. You may have 101 things going well in your relationship, but it can be miserable if you are missing some areas.

They may have a great relationship where they respect each other and there is true love, but they feel emotionally bankrupt. It doesn’t always mean that the person you’re with is terrible; it just means they are not suitable for you. You need someone to complete you and make you feel loved and respected in every way within the relationship.

You don’t have to settle for someone who isn’t perfect for you just because it looks good on your arm. Find someone who treats you like the king or queen that you are, and you will find someone who makes your life and your emotions easier to handle.

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