22 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Beginners in 2021

No matter how you slice it, working out is hard. Sure, you’ll probably feel great after, but gaining the motivation to get started is usually the most difficult part. If working out at home has replaced your studio and gym visits, one easy way to get you more excited about moving is a home gym equipment upgrade. We’re not suggesting that you pour your savings into a fancy exercise bike (although that can be a worthy investment). Instead, think more along the lines of a workout starter pack. 

Consider your fitness goals when picking out your home gym equipment. Start by assessing your space. Where will you be working out most often? How much room do you have to jump around or even spread out a yoga mat? These are all variables to keep in mind. And then there’s your gear. A properly fitting sports bra and the right running sneakers can completely change the game for your goals. 

Having a solid lineup of weights, bands, or even the right deodorant and hair ties can make a world of difference in how effective your workouts are. The additions can be minimal, but trust us when we tell you that the payoff will be big. 

We’ve rounded up a full kit of essentials that includes exercise clothes, strength-training necessities, and even a pair of earbuds that promise to not slip out no matter how much you sweat. Get ready to turn your space into a personalized workout studio right in your home.

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