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21 Wedding Updos That Don’t Look Like Your Typical Bridal Hairstyles

Here’s a fun game to play at parties: Try to identify the two words in the English language that, when combined, sound as terrifyingly cheesy as bridal and updo. (Try it. Knock yourself out. Can’t be done.) Unfortunately, decades of overly “done” ‘dos have struck fear into the hearts of brides who are even remotely considering wearing their hair up for their big day. But one easy way to guarantee a chic outcome is to stray away from what we typically picture as wedding-day updos.

There are plenty of non-cheesy updos out there if you know where to look: namely the red carpet and even everyday life. The ponytails you wear to the gym can have an extremely elegant outcome with the right texture and placement. The tendrils in your old prom photo can make a fresh and modern comeback. And yes, even a messy, piecey bun can feel like the most fabulous wedding hairstyle in the world as long as it’s secured and feels like you.

We spoke to a group of talented hairstylists to get their top tips on busting the mold of wedding-updo stereotypes and getting exactly the look you want to wear while walking down the aisle. Find all of the techniques and product recommendations you could ever hope for here so you, your partner, and your hair can live happily ever after.

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