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20 Easy Ways to Reward Yourself for Reaching Your Goal

When you set goals, it’s easy to let go of them when you’re not experiencing a reward. However, taking small steps toward something bigger deserves special recognition, so rewarding yourself is essential.

When you treat yourself for seemingly small accomplishments, you will be motivated to keep working hard. You will form new beneficial habits to help you continue your success.

It is essential to choose rewards that do not undo your hard work or push back in some way. Pick the ones related to your goal, if possible, and be sure to expect the reward.

Twenty easy ways to reward yourself

Take a moment to give yourself a big, big congratulations.

1. Spend time with your loved ones

One of the best rewards in life is spending time with the people you love. Your loved one could be a close friend or family member that you don’t see often enough. If you can’t physically be with them, take time out for a video call or write them a note.

2. Take time to prepare your favorite dishes or try some new ones

Depends on your goals, you can prepare your favorite baked dishes or dinners. If those dishes aren’t allowed in your healthy eating regimen, find some new ones to try. Remember to avoid undoing your progress or hindering your success, so it might be necessary to try new dishes.

3. Take a break from everyday life

Sometimes you need to get away from your daily environment. Taking a short road trip can give you the time you need, or you can plan an entire weekend away from home. Another option is to spend a night in a bed and breakfast near your home.

Regardless of what you choose to do, make it something that brings you joy and relaxation. When you take a break it is the best time to visit the national parks. Or you can book a vacation somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

4. Enjoy the flowers and plants

Flowers and plants are a sure way to reduce stress in your life. When you have reached a goal, use this award to bring happiness to your life.

You can buy flowers or a plant for your home, or you can work outside in your garden. Plants also promote productivity and offer unlimited benefits.

Another fun idea is to visit a botanical garden in your area. You can expect to see different flowers and plants that you may not experience in your home.

5. Look at something you enjoy

Sometimes the best way to reward yourself is by looking at something you look forward to. You can turn on your favorite movie or a movie that you have wanted to see. With streaming services, you can probably find any movie you want.

If you have a favorite show, look for new episodes or catch up on the ones you missed. Another option that many people might not think about is online videos. If you like videos, take time to watch the ones that make you laugh, smile, or help you learn something.

6. Plan a fun night

Getting loose on a night out is the perfect way to pamper yourself. Check out the local events in your area and start planning a fun night out with your friends or partner. You can search for concerts, movies, a comedy show, or a karaoke event.

7. Read a book while enjoying your favorite drink in peace

Plan for at least half an hour uninterrupted to enjoy your favorite drink and read. If the books are not for you, you can choose your favorite magazine.

Another option is to spend this time drinking your morning coffee and coloring in an inspiring coloring book. If you can’t have this time alone at home, find a coffee shop or other quiet place to spend that time.

8. Enroll in a class or seminar

The perfect way to reward yourself is by signing up for a class or seminar. It will not only be fun, but you will also learn at the same time. You can sign up for something to improve your current skills or sign up for something entirely new.

If your goal is fitness related, you can sign up for a lesson with a personal trainer. Other fun physical aptitude options include yoga, palates, or a spin class.

9. Set up a personal space at home

You can pamper yourself by establishing a personal sanctuary where you can enjoy your time. This space can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you have privacy and can relax.

If you already have a personal space, consider changing it when you achieve a goal. Giving your walls a new coat of paint or buying a new décor can make all the difference.

10. Listen to your favorite music

Fire up your favorite playlist and take time to enjoy the lyrics or rhythm. If possible, find music that is motivating, energizing, relaxing, or uplifting. Let yourself go singing and dancing to make this experience even better.

11. Plan a party or game night

If you like planning, throwing a party or game night will be fun from the start. Do your best and plan snacks, meals, drinks, fun games, and whatever else you want to have. Some fun games to play with friends include Charades or Pictionary, but consider your group before deciding.

12. Invest in something related to your goal

If you want your award to be related to your goal, consider what you need to keep moving forward. In order to fitness goalsConsider rewarding yourself by investing in a new sports bra or athletic shoes. You can also consider sunglasses designed for outdoor sports.

For healthy eating, consider rewarding yourself with a new blender for protein shakes and fruit shakes. You can also invest in a food scale or something else you want frequently.

If your goal is work related, you could invest in a new planner to suit your needs. If you want to go further, get some stickers or other embellishments to further enhance your schedule. Another idea for a work-related goal is to buy something new for your desk.

13. Do something you enjoy

Take time to work on your hobbies. If you like arts and crafts, pick a new project to start and work on it the next time you reach a goal.

Likewise, if you like podcasts, take time to listen to your favorites or find new ones to enjoy. Whatever your hobby, set aside some time to enjoy it as a reward.

14. Treat yourself

Think of something you would love to enjoy and choose as your next reward. You can choose your favorite dessert or a meal so you don’t have to cook. If you love cold treats, treat yourself to a smoothie or shake.

15. Hire someone for a task you don’t enjoy or don’t have time for

Think about the tasks you like least or don’t have time for and delegate them to someone else. You can hire a company to do these things for you, or you can hire someone you know who can do the job. Consider hiring someone to do lawn care, cleaning, or grocery shopping.

This is not only a great way to reward yourself, but it will also free up some of your time and energy. With that extra time, you can focus on reaching your next goal.

16. Take a full day off

Everyone needs a chance to relax without thinking about anything related to work, housework, or children. You will likely have to plan for this day in advance, which gives you a deadline for reaching your goal.

Once you have earned this reward, be sure to use it wisely. Do what you want to do and try not to think of anyone else throughout the day.

You can watch a movie while everyone else is working and have the cinema to yourself. Or you can have a day off doing nothing at all. Start planning this day right now to make sure it goes smoothly.

17. Spend time relaxing

No matter how busy life gets, take some time to relax. Make time for a hot bath, a scented candle, and a good book or playlist. Try to turn off all social media during this time so that your relaxation time is not interrupted or wasted.

18. Let yourself be pampered

Sometimes you need to get out of the house and let other people take care of you. Schedule a massage, beauty treatment, or hair appointment as a reward for reaching your goal. Even if you get a simple haircut, setting aside this time for yourself is beneficial.

19. Spend time outdoors

Spending time outdoors is something you are sure to look forward to. If you already spend a lot of time outdoors, plan something new as a reward.

You can take a walk to a place you’ve never been or find a quiet place to sit and reflect. Another option is to spend time looking at the stars or sunbathing. Whatever it is, choose something that brings you happiness.

20. Visit a place you’ve wanted to see

Make a list of all the places you want to see near your home or within driving distance. When you reach a goal, you can choose one of the places and take a trip to check it out. Think of museums, exhibitions, art galleries, or whatever else you’ve always wanted to see.

Final thoughts on easy ways to reward yourself for reaching your goal

When you’re working toward a goal, having something to look forward to can help you achieve it. Choose a reward for yourself that you want and want to earn.

The award you win should be beneficial to you and bring you happiness in some way. Think about it as you decide what award to give to make it meaningful to you.

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