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17 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Attached to You

Many people in the world can date, but very few will become emotionally attached to you. Some say that an attachment like this can only come from your soulmate, but other people would argue that you can have such a connection with someone other than a romantic partner.

When you are in a relationship, you want people to love you and care about you. However, sometimes one of you is afraid to express how you feel. Fear of rejection may keep you from taking the next step toward commitment, but some signs indicate a deeper connection.

Seventeen signs of an emotionally attached partner

How do you know if someone is emotionally attached to you or if they like you on a deeper level? Some essential pointers can help you discover your true feelings. Here are some things to consider.

1. They talk about the future

Someone who loves you in their future is eager to talk about it. They will use the word “we” instead of “I” when considering their tomorrows. If they want you in their life, they will make plans for it.

2. They want to meet your family

Meeting family is always a great experience, as it tends to solidify the relationship. You don’t bring all the people you meet home for the holidays, so when you find someone you sit with emotionally connected, you want your people to know them.

3. They feel comfortable around you

This person is so comfortable around you that they don’t need to put up a facade. They can be themselves without fear of any judgment from you. They can “let their hair down” and they know you accept them anyway.

4. They want to spend a lot of time together.

If you have emotional feelings for someone, you will want to spend your days and nights with them. When someone falls out of love, one of the first things people notice is that they walk away. When you can’t imagine going a day without seeing them, then you know there is an attachment there.

5. You get to know your inner circle

Spending all of your days and nights with someone is one thing, but introducing them to your friends or your inner circle is a big step. People often fear rejection and judgment from their closest friends, but they don’t care what others think when they allow you to enter this sacred circle.

They’re in love, and they want to shout it from the rooftops.

6. Your opinion is important

Do they come to you with all their questions about life and the decisions they must make? They trust your opinion and feel that you will make the right decisions regarding your dilemma. When they can talk for hours to hear what you have to say, you know there are emotions at stake.

7. You are a priority in their lives

In short, spend time in this life doing what is important to you. How many times have you heard someone say that they didn’t have time as an excuse? If it is important to you, then you will make time in your day.

This person, no matter how busy he is, always considers you a priority. Even if it’s just a text message at lunch or a quick phone call during break, you have priority.

8. They defend you

When someone rushes to your defense, whether you are right or wrong, it is because they care about you. They won’t let anyone speak ill of you or you, and you know they always have your back. It is a beautiful feeling to know that someone is so protective of you.

9. They respect you

They have a lot of respect for you and would never mistreat or hurt you. They don’t say nicknames; instead, they use terms of endearment. Respect is something that comes with time and knowing someone.

10. Your hobbies become his hobbies

You know you’re in love when a woman who hates sports finds herself watching a soccer game. Also, when a man who hates girl movies watches a movie marathon on television, he knows it is love. When your hobbies become their hobbies, even if they do something else instead, you know there is an attachment there.

11. They have a genuine concern for you

They say it’s always the little things that matter so much in a relationship, and this person genuinely cares about you. When they separate, they want you to call them and let them know that you have arrived home safely. They worry about you when they are not together, which shows how much attachment there is between you.

12. They don’t forget important dates

Isn’t it sweet when a couple remembers things like the first kiss, the place where they had their first date, and who said I love you first? These things are milestones in a relationship and are important dates to remember.

Still, some people attach more importance to these days than others. When someone cares enough to remember the outfit you wore the first time you met, or your favorite candy bar, then they have developed deep feelings for you.

13. They want to know everything about you

You can spend a lot of time with someone and still not know them honestly. When you are emotionally attached to a person, you want to communicate and discover their deepest and darkest secrets. You want to know your favorite things and the things that hurt them and make them sad.

Part of developing an attachment is spending time getting to know the most intimate parts of a person.

14. They are 100% honest

Honesty is essential in a relationship, both romantic and otherwise. If you can’t be 100% honest with each other, is there a connection? However, the emotionally attached individual wants to be sincere and straightforward, as they don’t want anything to come between the two of you.

15. They celebrate big and small victories

While birthdays and holiday celebrations are a given, this person wants to celebrate with you when you get a promotion at work or have had a great day. Part of caring about yourself is celebrating your milestones.

16. They commit

In a world where many fear compromising with each other, this person breaks the norms of society. Did you know that the fear of commitment is called gamophobia?

According to Marriage adviceAbout ten percent of the population fear walking down the aisle and getting engaged, which usually means a formal relationship. It is so common that it is labeled as anxiety-based phobia.

17. They run to you when the going gets tough

How often have you heard the old saying that tough guys jump in when the going gets tough? Unfortunately, those who don’t have the strength will run for the hills at the first sign of trouble. There is no perfect relationship and there will be difficult times.

Even if it is a platonic friendship, things are not always going to go so well. However, when someone is emotionally attached, there is a deeper level of commitment. They stick together because quitting is not an option. Love is just an emotion, but you must have a determined mind that you will stay together no matter what.

You want someone who will run to you and not run away from you when the going gets tough. They find security in your arms and they know that you are by their side.

Final thoughts on emotional attachment

You can love someone without being attached to him, and that is called compassion. While you may love your neighbor, the person who takes care of your children on a daily basis, or your family, that doesn’t always mean there is an emotional bond. When you are passionately involved with someone, there is a different connection than in other relationships.

Why do people fall in love and still care about someone 10, 20, or 30 years later? You often see this with first loves, especially when you can’t get over them. It’s because the attachment was strong and the feelings you had for each other won’t go away quickly.

Sure, you learn to move on and you will find a new love, but the feelings you had for this particular person can stay with you for a lifetime. Here’s something to think about. According to Bustle, 25 percent of the American population is still in love with their first love.

It is a staggering number to consider that a quarter of the population of this country cannot forget someone in their heart. What is even more surprising about this number is that it shows that a emotional attachment does not break quickly. When you fall deeply in love with someone, an attachment occurs.

Are you emotionally attached to someone special or is someone attached to you? These seventeen things listed above can help you assess someone’s feelings and find out if your relationship is worth moving forward further. Perhaps you have a connection that fairy tales are made of.


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