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150 Brands Unite Behind NGO to Clean Up World Paper Supply Chains, Saving Forests and Improving Recycling

Pack4Good, a campaign by the NGO Canopy, is one of the fastest growing corporate responsibility platforms in America to ensure that paper packaging does not come from virgin, endangered or valuable forests.

Canopy’s work in auditing supply chains and supplying recycled or sustainable packaging solutions has attracted 750 brands across all of its campaigns, including e-commerce giants Amazon, fashion empires like Gap, H&M, Marks and Spencer, among others, and publishing and media companies like Mansfield Press, Penguin, and the New York Times.

Only 18 months from the launch of Pack4Good and the campaign has welcomed 29 new brands from food and beverage to the printing, fashion and e-commerce industries.

“The companies joining Pack4Good are the out-of-the-box thinkers we need – leaders ready to transform paper packaging supply chains and expand solutions to save forests and our climate,” said Nicole Rycroft, CEO of Canopy . “We have so many solutions waiting to be implemented, it is time to take them from the margins to the mainstream.”

The selection of Pack4Good solutions for companies seeking to reduce their forest impact is varied. They help connect companies with suppliers of waste pulp material, such as wheat straw, which can be turned into fibrous packaging, while their Ancient Forest Friendly seal of approval denotes the highest compliance with chain practices. supply, and that the certified material does not contain endangered controlled materials, or old wood.

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90 million tons of rice straw is burned Every year in India, which in the fields surrounding Delhi accounts for 40% of the air pollution in the metropolitan area. Canopy wants to take that rice straw and put it in the hands of the recycled paper mills, flooding the market with supply and adding a little more income to farmers. A win-win.

Canopy CEO Nicole Rycroft standing on a huge pile of waste wheat straw / Canopy

Pack4Good claims that these solutions are everywhere, it’s just about helping companies get started on the path to sustainable paper supply chains.

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Some modern investment strategies, such as those recently implemented by BlackRock, target companies based on their degree of sustainability. The logic is that polluting companies will be pushed out of the market by conscientious investors and squeezed out by government regulations.

As more corporations look for ways to reduce their impact on the global environment, it’s up to groups like Canopy to make sure their energy is directed.

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