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15 Things That Prove You Have a Soul Connection With Someone

Do you believe in soul mates? Is there a particular person who completes you and is your other half? You could call this a soul connection.

According to a study by Marist Survey, 80 percent of people under thirty believe that there is a person for you.

It is difficult to understand a single connection, especially when someone has been through a divorce. Is it possible to have two soulmates and what does that mean about the first failed relationship? Misconceptions abound, especially considering what a soulmate is and what it isn’t.

The good news is that there is no right or wrong answer to the myriad of questions about soul connections, and the term can mean something different to each person. However, many are biased by the vision of soul mates they see on television and in movies.

It would help if you reminded yourself that life is not like those Hollywood productions. A soulmate is the missing half of you, like something that goes hand in hand like socks and shoes.

What would peanut butter be without jelly, or how can you have bologna without cheese? Their connection seems as natural as these common pairings.

What is a soulmate?

According to Psychic lessons, a soulmate is someone who is your true love. This person shares a similar energy with you, as well as likes and interests. Some people believe that the Universe created this person for the express purpose of completing you.

Your soul connection can come to you to help you remember why you are here on Earth and what your purpose is. They can help spark a fire in you and help you live each day to the fullest. When you meet this person, you can stir things inside you that will allow you to reconnect with your spiritual side and the essence of your being.

Misconceptions about soulmates

One of the biggest misconceptions among people is that a soulmate must have a romantic interest. While it’s often someone you fall in love with, it doesn’t have to be a lover. Many people naturally fall in love with the person with whom they have a soul connection due to the intense association.

Another thing to consider is that soul connections don’t have to last forever, like marriage. Sometimes people come into your life to teach you lessons, awaken something in you, and then move on. This probably doesn’t sound like the stuff that dreams are made of, but few people enter your life and stick around for eternity.

On the contrary, the intense connection between two people can be too deep and you must release it. However, there are some cases where this person will be linked to you for life. Regardless of whether you are together in person, the love between you will never die.

Soulmates You have this innate way of touching the deepest areas of your life, and your love, compassion, kindness, and memories will stay with you every day. Even if they go their separate ways, they have left a lasting impression.

Do you have a connection to the soul?

Have you ever wondered if you have a soulmate? You must understand that it can be a romantic relationship or based on friendship.

This person takes you to a level where most don’t, and is always there for you when things go wrong. Here are some ways to find out if you have that connection to another human being.

1. It’s intense between the two of you

Your connection is so intense that it is almost scary. You could never hide anything from this person or lie to them, as they could figure out the deception in a minute. You actually don’t want to lie to them, as trust is a big part of what makes the two of you click.

2. Finish each other’s sentences

Since they know how others will react, they can finish each other’s sentences with ease. You don’t even have to think twice about what they will say. Others around you marvel at seeing them converse.

3. They have awakened gifts and talents that you did not know you had

This person brings out a side of you that you never knew existed. They have made you a different person, but all your changes have been for the better. You cannot imagine life before them, nor do you want to.

4. The attraction between the two of you was instantaneous

It was like something written in the stars, as the connection that you two felt when you first met was kismet. There is no doubt that that part of you was missing. You didn’t believe in love at first sight until you saw them.

5. It was fate how you met

It was a chance encounter that seems to have been divinely appointed. It’s as if the Universe brought the two of you together in the strangest of circumstances, but it was meant for the two of you to meet.

6. There is great communication

You two can talk about anything and everything. Communication between you has always been strong. You feel safe telling them your most intimate secrets and they feel the same.

7. They turned their lives upside down

You don’t even remember what your life was like without them. They have opened your eyes to a whole new world full of excitement. You are trying new things and have become a different person thanks to them.

8. They can tell what you think by the expression on your face.

They know your facial expressions and the emotions you often display. In fact, they can take a look at you and tell you everything you are thinking and feeling. There’s no way anyone else can read you like they do, and you can’t hide your true emotions from them either.

9. You cannot imagine life without someone when you have a connection to the soul

Since they have entered your life, it seems that living is so much more worth living. You can’t imagine a day without them, and the thought of them leaving scares you. They are the only person who seems to get you, even on your worst days.

10. You often cycle “on again and off again” due to intensity.

You often see this kind of “on and off” cycle in romantic relationships. Things are super intense when they are together and they don’t know how to handle things. Therefore, it would be helpful if you took breaks to stop the insane level of passion between the two of you.

However, they are attracted to each other like a magnet. It seems as if there is a powerful force that is bringing them back together.

11. You can be the real you around him

You love the fact that you can be completely blue with this person. On top of that, you don’t have to put up any facade or try to impress them.

They know the real you, the one you don’t let many people see. They are your person and they love you for who you are.

12. They make you feel safe and secure

Being with them has something that makes you feel protected. You feel safe from the world and like everything is fine when they are around. Even when you’re having a horrible day, they know exactly what to say to make things better.

13. Sparks fly when they are together

Your connection is electrifying. They can brush against your arm and send an electric shock down your spine. You can’t really point out what it’s about, but you know that they make you feel in a way that no one else does.

14. You have a similar vision

It is easy to have a soul connection with this person since you are both going in the same direction. They both share visions of the future that are similar, and they won’t go anywhere unless they’re by his side.

15. There is an undeniable synchronicity

You really don’t know how to describe it to others, but it seems like all these little coincidences come up. It can be little things like pets with the same names or graduating the same year, but these little nuances are hard to ignore.

Final thoughts on recognizing when you have a connection to the soul

Only you can identify if you have a soul connection to someone. How many items on this list seem to fit your relationship? Does it make you anxious if you think about a day without them in your life?

Remember, sometimes soulmates come for a short period. While they will always love each other, they may not always be together. These extraordinary people often come into your life for a short period of time and then move on to other things.

Is there a way to know for sure if the person you are with is your soul mate? No, there is no checklist or test that I can give you to be sure. Finding a connection to the soul is more about something you know deep down and not something that fits into a neat box. However, if you are lucky enough to have such an experience, it will change your life.

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