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15 Red Flags That Reveal a Toxic Man

You have met Mr. Wonderful, but have noticed some quirks that bother you. Or, maybe you’ve been dating for a while, but are starting to see some behaviors that are concerning. A toxic man can manipulate you and act like a prince charming until he can no longer keep up with the facade.

The self-centered, manipulative, and often narcissistic person tends to be good for a time. Consequently, it doesn’t take long before their true colors shine through. You need to identify the signs of these unscrupulous people, so that you can avoid any heartache and drama.

The last thing you need is to be connected with Mr. Wrong, as it can cause you to miss the correct one. In addition, you should consider all Mental games and stress that has an astronomical effect on your inner being.

Before we dive in, let’s recognize that these traits are undesirable for all genders. We will address the traits of a toxic woman in a separate article because women and men display different behaviors.

Fifteen signs of a toxic man

Wondering if that little white lie he told is just the one you caught? The time he yelled at you for seemingly nothing didn’t sit well with you, so you can’t help but wonder about his problems. Here are some identified red flags from those who have dealt with the toxic man.

1. Lie

Having a relationship with a liar is like building the foundation of your house with sand; It will not last. Whether he tells an occasional lie or is a regular or pathological narrator no matter. You need someone who is open and honest with you.

If you catch your man in a lot of lies, it is a sign that something is not quite right with him. Either he has a lot to hide from you, or he’s trying to appear bigger and better in your eyes. There is never a reason to lie, even a small one.

According to the National Library of Medicine, a pathological liar is someone who continually and spontaneously tells false stories for their benefit. They have become such good storytellers that they believe their own lies.

2. Use emotional manipulation

People tend to think that women manipulate men with their tears, but men also have their tactics. If you find that he plays with your emotions to make you do what he wants, then it is a sign of emotional manipulation. This person will lower himself to any level to get his way and will have little regard for your feelings.

3. You are constantly changing your mood

One minute he’s loving you everywhere and the next he’s turning his back on you. You walk on eggshells because you never know what mood it’s going to be in. He appears to have bipolar illness, which according to the National Library of Medicine, is a condition in which moods fluctuate based on levels of brain chemicals.

4. Puts you on guilt trips

Guilt is a powerful tool and he knows how to use it. He will make you feel guilty for getting away with it. They are not afraid to lie or cheat and use you to further their agenda, and this includes making you feel guilty at times.

5. He uses your love against you

He knows how much you love him, so he will use it to his advantage. He knows you won’t say no to him, especially when he pleads his case. While this does influence your emotions a bit, he is not above using your feelings of admiration to manipulate a situation.

6. He’s too sweet and attentive

Some guys are boyfriends and the teddy bear who is attentive and loves to cuddle. However, if your guy is sweet and cheesy with an attachment side, then it is a sign that something is not quite right. The toxic man often has trauma problems, according to the National Library of Medicine.

This behavior indicates that your Inner child he has been damaged, and he does not know how to love you in a pure and innocent way. Toxic people often pour on charm at first, but beware, this act doesn’t last long.

7. He promises a change

If your relationship falls apart, he may know that his days are numbered. To keep you close, I may promise you the moon. Have you noticed that your promises are easily broken when you do the same thing over and over again?

Remember, a tiger doesn’t change his stripes and this guy isn’t going to change anytime soon. However, if you receive advice and try to work on something, then it is a different matter.

8. Never talks about family or friends.

One thing that is common among selfish and manipulative people is their inability to keep friends. They have burned many relationships throughout life’s journey, so the chances of them taking you home to meet parents are slim. They will be very closed about any associations they have, and you may wonder what happened to your family.

Don’t believe every word they say and be sure to check out their stories as well. Nor are they above making up tales of tragedy to explain the absence of their family. If in doubt, do a little research.

9. Criticize constantly

Your sweet and cheesy Casanova has become a negative critic. Sometimes you wonder why you are in a relationship with him, since all he does is cut you off. You can’t seem to do anything right.

From cooking to cleaning and even the way you dress, he always has a crucial criticism of you. It is slowly destroying your self esteem and it will be a damaging blow.

10. Separates you from family and friends

When you are in love, there is a natural separation that occurs between your family and friends. You want to spend more time with the one who has stolen your heart. However, this is a little different in the sense that you are intentionally trying to get away from your loved ones.

He probably won’t come out and say that you can’t see these people, but he will do his best to occupy your time. As the relationship progresses, she may get angry if you take time out. Not that you’ve done anything wrong, but their insecurities are shining through.

11. It’s dragging you down

While she loves him, walking away is as difficult as quitting an addictive drug. You have this attachment to it that keeps you in confusion. He drags you with him and you don’t know how to get off the merry-go-round.

12. Inflate your value too much

He is his own biggest fan. You don’t need to caress his ego, as he does a lot of that himself. You can inflate your job title or say you make more money than you make, but all of this stems from your inner turmoil and feelings of not keeping up.

13. You are earning much more than giving

He expects you to drop everything at any time to help him, but don’t expect the same help in return. He wants you to be on his beacon call, but when it is your turn to help, he is not available.

14. He is always right, never wrong

No matter what the issue is, you are always right. The toxic person feels like they know everything and you don’t know anything. No matter how much evidence you present to them, you will never change your mind.

15. He talks more than he listens

The toxic man will dominate the conversation. He wants to tell you everything about his day, his life and all the things that happen in his universe. However, when it comes time to talk about your day, it may interrupt you.

He doesn’t really care about your day or what’s going on in your life. Nothing in this world could be more important than what he has to say. Don’t take it personally, but this guy just thinks he’s all of that and more.

Final thoughts on how to unmask a toxic man

Being in a relationship with a manipulative and self-centered person can be torture. Things may have seemed so perfect at first, but now things are so messy. One of the main red flags that the person you are dealing with is a toxic man is the way they make you feel.

True love makes you want to live in the clouds and it feels like butterflies and sunshine. Sure, there will be challenging times, but you know that together you can conquer anything. When you are involved with someone who is toxic, the feeling of the whole situation is strained and strange.

You can feel with your instinct that something is not right, but you are drawn like a moth to a flame. If you see any of these 15 warning signs mentioned above, run like the wind to get away from it. He will destroy you mentally and give you emotional baggage that will last for many years.

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