15 Glam Ways To Wear A Graphic Liner

Eyeliner is about to get graphic this 2021.

This is for the beauties that want more drama than the gorgeous smokey eyes. Or perhaps something more fierce than the classic cat eye.

Continue scrolling for the graphic liner looks that will bring back Cleopatra from her grave.

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Graphic Liner Looks You’ll Drop Your Eyeshadow For

1. Wispy Graphic Liner

The best graphic liner look is one that best reflects your style and eye shape.

Something as understated as a thin line in a metallic copper line can bring as much umph as a smokey eyeshadow look.

Consider this look as a gateway to graphic liners.

2. Slightly Shocking

woman with red lipstick and black mascara photo | graphic liners

Are you the shy type? No worries. This whisper of a graphic liner is designed to get you maximum effect with a light wash of color. The goal is to add interest your look with a subtle detail.

Finish off your cat eye wing with a metallic gel liner. It’s great for days when you don’t feel like wearing eyeshadow but still want to add glamour and glitter to your eye makeup look.

If you’ll be using a lighter opaque shade for your graphic liner, be careful not to overlap the black liner as it may cut off your wing.

In love with the idea of a shimmering wing? Use eyeshadow and a thin eyeliner brush to paint over your black liner. This will also help make sure your liner stays in tact and fleeky.

3. Tribal Liner

closeup studio beauty photo black graphic | graphic eyeliner

Get graphic, get tribal. This graphic liner look is foolproof even for hooded eyes.

Use a liquid liner to create sharp, geometric shapes. A gel liner will fill it up nicely to create a solid look. Outline a border that best highlights the contour of your eyes or recreate your eye shape. If you have downturned eyes, add a wing above and below the outer corner of your eyes then flick it upwards.

Design the focal point of your liner artwork towards the inner corner of your eyes if your eyes are far apart. In contrast, if your eyes are close together place the focal point of your look on the outer corner of your eyes. This will help bring balance to your eyes. The same trick works for eyeshadow.

4. Red Eye

beautiful brunette girl neon graphic eyeliner makeup and hot red pink lips pouting | graphic liner set

You don’t need eyeshadow when you have a liquid liner and gel liner on hand. This is a modern 2021 twist to the fox eyeliner we so loved last 2020.

Draw on downward wings on the inner corner of your eyes. Line directly above the lash line in the inner corner over your lids. Once you reach the middle, lift your liner so that it floats slightly. Don’t fill in the negative space like you would normally do with a cat eye.

Grab a neon eyeliner and draw a reverse cat eye underneath your lower lash line. The color contrast between your neon eyeliner and black liner will define the lift of your floating fox liner.

Eye makeup looking bland? Finish off with a few swipes of mascara to open up and bring attention to your eyes. Level up your look with contact lenses with a color on the opposite spectrum as your neon eyeliner. Refer to the color wheel for your reference.

5. Double Wing

beautiful macro shot female eye fashion black eyeliner makeup | best graphic liner

Draw a wing liner as your normally would. Flick it upwards, then flick it downwards. The two lines should create a V-shape. Draw a thin line along your lower lash line and connect it with your second downward wing.

Make sure to outline your inner corners to achieve the fox eyeliner look.

This understated look screams style, so feel free to go without eyeshadow or falsies.

6. Green Envy

woman in white tank top photo | graphic liner looks

The best way to maximize your OOTD? Coordinate your makeup with your outfit in one monochromatic look! Choose your favorite color and incorporate it in both your outfit and makeup.

Went neon? Keep your complexion makeup natural. Skip the blush and focus on contouring instead. Swipe on some high shine lip gloss and call it a day.

7. Cleopatra Graphic Liner

close woman eye sexy eyeliner golden shadow | graphic liner look

Smokey evening eyeshadow looks are so 2000s. It’s 2021! The sun has set on black crease shadows, so try this new evening look.

Draw on your cat liner, flick upward and outward, then bring it back. Trace a line along your crease. Your crease is the space between your orbital bone and your eyeball. Feel along the shape of your eyeball and the area where your eyelid dips – that’s your crease.

If you have a pot of metallic eyeshadow, paint it on the space between your liners. It will help give it a more romantic and feminine appearance if you want to soften a stunner. No need to add more shadow colors since your graphic eyeliner brought all the dimension already.

8. Duo-Color Graphic Liner

beautiful macro shot female eye creative asian makeup | graphic eyeliner hooded eyes

Up the ante with a duo-color graphic liner.

Draw on your usual eyeliner in black or another dark shade of your liking. Next, with a different colored liner, paint another line over your first line on the lid. Then draw the wing underneath the first line. It should be thinner in the inner corner of your eyes and thicker towards the end.

Paint a deep eyeshadow shade below your lower lash line. This will help fuse the liners together and make the look more cohesive.

This one may take some trial and error with both product and technique. Overlapping liner products may smudge or wipe off your eye makeup and ruin the color of your products. So for this look, we recommend drawing around liners rather than over them.

9. Blazing Beauty

beautiful macro close female eye bright yellow eyeliner makeup | graphic eyeliner tutorial

This look will shock them.

Pastel shadows or light colors like yellow may wash you out. With that, apply thin black liner along your upper lash line to retain and define your eye shape.

Want to keep it romantic? Skip the black liner and add wispy falsies and finish off with feathery brows.

If you’ll be using bold and unnatural colors (not pinks or browns), swipe on just a bit of bronzer and contour. You can opt to skip the blush and lipstick if you’re not confident you can shade match with your eye makeup look.

10. Pop of Color

woman with eye makeup | colorful graphic liner

Made your eye makeup look too dark? Add a dash of color and a modern twist with a graphic liner look!

Draw on a thing white line along your crease, then flick it at the outer corner as your would your wing liner. Next paint on a contrasting color below it to add interest. Blend your base shade over your graphic liner.

A champagne shimmer shade will fuse and blend the two colors together. Fluffy falsies will add drama to an already alluring look.

11. Pretty in Pastel

asian woman with tattoos | graphic eyeliner looks

Forget the shadows completely and apply a thick cat eye all over your lid with an opaque gel liner – it doesn’t even have to be black. The tip of your wing should be aligned with the end of your brow. Then angle the wing such that it looks like an extension of your lower lash line.

To complete the look, apply a lighter shade below your lash line.

This edgy look pairs well with bushy brows and a lot of attitude. Who thought pastel could be powerful?

Tip: Dab on some eye primer even if you’re not wearing eyeshadow. It will help keep your eyeliner in place even if you have oily lids. It may also help the pigments appear more.

12. Elevated Eyeliner

woman wearing eye makeup | pastel wet liners

Eye makeup looking flat? Elevate it with glittery floating eyeliner along your crease line.

The glitter will add a more festive vibe while the floating graphic eyeliner will make for a great conversation piece.

The graphic liner will frame your round eyes and solid brows will frame your face. Picture perfect!

13. Electric Blue

photo of woman closing her eyes | graphic eyeliner tutorial

Electrify them with just one look with a deep and vibrant emerald blue shade. This shade will complement blue-eyed babes and brown-eyes beauties alike.

Color half of your lid with a shocking shade and curve it upwards in the lower corner. Skip the black lower lash liner to keep it interesting yet approachable.

Wispy and feathery lashes will add an ethereal feel to an electrifying look. Heavy falsies will make you look runway ready.

Find the look too intimidating on you? Soften the blow by blending a champagne shade on your inner corner. Make it solid in the corner, then blend it out above and below.

14. Whisper of White

portrait photo of woman closing her eyes | graphic liner hooded eyes

All eyes will be on you with this graphic liner look. High impact, low effort. Wear it alone or with natural flushed complexion makeup to add romance to this heavenly look.

15. White Fox

photo of woman wearing white sweater | graphic liner looks

A color upgrade to a classic eyeliner shape is never out of the question. Keep it fierce with a thick wing and razor sharp corners, yet delicate with a soft white glow.

Feeling heavenly? Finish off with white mascara and a natural, perfected complexion. This is how goddesses do natural makeup.

Make sure to check out this cool graphic liner compilation from TikTok:

Go explore what makeup can do for you. These glamorous and creative graphic eyeliner looks will get you out of your makeup funk.

Graphic liner isn’t about pushing the boundaries and crossing the line – it’s about redefining it. It blurs the line of what’s acceptable and normal in beauty. Better yet, it reminds us that there may not be a line at all – it’s just eyeliner.

Which look are you trying out yourself and which ones are you sending your friends? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you. 

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