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15 Behaviors That Reveal Your Partner Will Go the Extra Mile for You

Starting a new relationship can be scary and you may wonder if your new love will stay true and go the extra mile for you. You have high hopes for yourself and your new love interest, but you always have fears in the back of your mind because you fear that things will not turn out well. Worse yet, you fear they will hurt you.

Don’t let past connections ruin your future. Although things may have ended badly in another relationship, there is a good chance that history will not repeat itself. You can use many clues to determine if this new partner is worthy of a lifetime commitment and a trip down the aisle.

What does it mean to go the extra mile in a relationship?

There is a certain level of expectation that comes with relationships. However, when someone does more than what is required and does these things generously and not for personal gain, it is go further. When you are dating someone, which extends beyond your expectations, your heart will turn tender towards that person.

When your lover does extra things to show that they care, it not only lifts your spirits, but also gives you hope that this relationship will last. Some men and women do extra things every day to show you how special you are to them. These are unassuming people who don’t expect anything in return, but want to express their love in more ways than one.

Like the other party to this relationship, you know that you are loved, adored, and that you have found someone who can be yours forever. For the other party, they feel empowered by doing good things for you. All those little extras help give them a boost in their stride because they know they’ve done something to make you happy.

A person with a true spirit of generosity will do these extra random things without even knowing they are doing it. Did you know that doing your best to be kind can heal the hurts of the past? Extras like a foot massage after a long day or a hug when life is hard mean more than any gift can buy with money.

Ways to go the extra mile

Some people love each other, but they don’t have that deep level of commitment that is needed to achieve it in the long term. How do you know if your partner will go the extra mile for you or if you are just someone who is taking up their time? Here are some clues that you mean the world to this person, and he likes you.

1. Buy “Just because it gives away”

Sure, they bring flowers, candy, or a card on special occasions, but they also buy gifts at random “just because.” They love to make surprised gestures because they are excited to see you happy. They don’t mind going the extra mile if it means you like them.

According to Huffington PostSome people prefer gifting as a way to show that they care. The gift says a lot about his feelings for you.

2. I can’t wait to share her day with you

You are the first person they call when their workday ends. However, they have been communicating with you by sending random text messages throughout the day. They want nothing more than to share their life with you, and their life includes everything down to the smallest detail.

3. Speak kindly even during disagreements

Even during the most heated disagreements, they are always ready to say kind words. They would never insult or use manipulative tactics to gain an advantage over you. They may not even want to argue with you, so they will go and wait for frustrations to subside before tackling an issue.

4. You want to make sure you get home safely.

This person cares about your safety and well-being, so they set up a system to send text messages once you arrive at your destination. When they worry about the little things, like making sure you get there safely, it shows that you are in their heart and that they will go the extra mile.

5. Concerns for your well-being

Your partner worries about things like your health and stress levels. They see it as their job to do anything to de-stress you. They not only want a relationship, but they also want them to be healthy enough to have a happy life and enjoy each other.

6. He cares about your happiness

Your happiness is one of the main concerns for them. They equate their ability to make you happy as part of their duty. If you are not satisfied, they are not met.

7. Will do anything to see you smile

A smile on your face is what they strive to see. Your smile is like a ray of light in the darkest night and it gives them the impetus to make it another day. This person puts your happiness above theirs and shows that they go out of their way to make sure you are happy.

8. I can’t bear to see you cry or be upset

When you cry or are upset, it’s like a dagger piercing your partner’s heart. They feel like they need to do something to fix it. They cannot bear to see you unhappy and are ready to step in and take control to improve the situation.

9. He wants to intervene and fight his battles

If someone has hurt you, they will have to answer to your partner. Your new lover doesn’t like it when you’re upset, so he’s willing to step in and fight for you. This person can calm the storms around you because they refuse to allow anything or anyone to break you.

10. He is very open with his feelings for you.

They are incredibly open with how they feel about you. They may leave love notes on the bathroom mirror or text you no more than “I love you.” All these little love notes and acts of kindness show that they are willing to go the extra mile so you know how much they adore you.

11. Makes sure you have quality time with family

While they love spending time with you, they want to make sure that you also have time with your family. Unlike a manipulative or narcissistic lover who tries to keep others away, this person wants to make sure that you don’t avoid essential people just because you’re in a new relationship. Most likely, they also value their friends and family.

12. They are so proud of you

No matter where you go or the crowd you are with, they are always proud to hold your arm. They feel safe when you are by their side, but they talk about you to others as if you were a movie star. They play on your good traits and refuse to see the bad ones. In their eyes, they have a prize worth sharing with the world.

13. It is based on compliments

When you cut your hair or put on a new outfit, this person always picks up on the compliments. They never miss an opportunity to tell you how amazing you look. They want to help boost your self-esteem so that you feel good about yourself, which is why they believe compliments are essential.

14. He is proud to call you his boyfriend / girlfriend / partner

You don’t have to guess where you stand with your new partner. They are very eloquent about their love and the position you occupy in their heart. They are proud to call you their girlfriend or boyfriend.

While it is horrible to be stuck in a relationship where you are “just friends” because one person has commitment issues, your new love interest is nothing of the kind.

15.Never too big to say sorry

They have no problem telling you that they are sorry for the things they have done. In fact, you may be the first person to apologize if you argue. They may even be inclined to take the blame for things that are not their fault to make the tension between the two of you go away.

Final thoughts on behaviors that go further

Jumping into the dating pool can be scary. You have met the perfect person and you want to make sure that your love will stand the test of time. If you’re like most people, then you’ve had a few glitches in the past that have left a sour taste in your mouth when it comes to relationships.

Fortunately, the right person can heal your wounds and give you a reason to trust again. While it feels good to have someone go the extra mile for you, it is something you should practice in return. Some people confuse that doing extra things means you have to buy something of monetary value.

Earthly possessions mean little in the big picture. When you leave this land, you cannot take cash or gifts with you. However, when you take your last breath, you can rest in peace knowing that you were loved and cared for on a truly extraordinary level. Challenge yourself to do more and take your generosity to a new level, as the sky is the limit in this new relationship.

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