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15 Behaviors That Reveal a Toxic Woman

There have been many TV shows and movies that have shown what it’s like to be involved with a crazy couple. Movies like Crazy ex-girlfriend Y Fatal Attraction it occurs to me. These shows portray a toxic woman who undoubtedly has some underlying mental health disorder fueling her destructive behavior.

Some people are a walking disaster, and their toxic traits affect friends and lovers alike. The sad reality is that many of these women don’t know how out of place they are with their relationships, but they probably don’t realize why they are so unlucky in love. The brokenness within this toxic person draws them to people who will use and abuse them, which makes things worse.

If you are dating someone like this, or maybe you feel like you are a toxic woman, know that there are things you can do to stop these negative behavior patterns. Although, unfortunately, most toxic people don’t realize that they are unhealthy until they come face to face with the seriousness of their actions.

Ladies please don’t feel like anyone is pointing you out, we also have a second article on the traits of a toxic man!

Fifteen behaviors of the toxic woman

If you want avoid this person or you want their help, you need to know what classifies someone as toxic. Here are 15 key behaviors that indicate someone has some underlying issues that need to be addressed.

1. She lives in his head

Your thoughts are haunting and you don’t know how to vocalize what’s going on inside your mind. She can escalate a situation until it gets out of proportion inside her head. You don’t even need to open your mouth.

Your mind lives in a constant state of anguish and always has something to do. It’s troubling trying to reason with someone who lives in a fictional world, as she created this realm for her safety.

2. She equates a romantic relationship with happiness.

The toxic woman believes that having a man and being in a relationship equals happiness. She will connect with anyone so that she is not alone.

She believes that having the right man on her arm will bring her the happiness she deserves. Sadly, it usually only causes more problems. This is because happiness comes from within and is not something that anyone else can provide.

3. She overreacts to the smallest things.

She makes mountains out of a grain of sand. This behavior occurs because your anxiety is overloaded. She will overreact to what you think is insignificant. The things that happen inside your mind and the trauma that happened to you in the past dictate your responses.

Constant turmoil has almost become a comfort zone because you don’t know a life that is otherwise.

4. She believes that love will save her

She is looking for the prince to show up on a white horse and save her from herself. This lady believes in fairy tales and often lives in a fantasy world. Expect their romance to be as impressive as that of famous movies.

If things don’t go the way they are, you think they should. She chooses and harasses for change. Their perceptions are delusional and their expectations unrealistic. She will make demands on you that there is no way you can meet.

5. She has poor limits

Limits are something that the toxic woman does not do well. You don’t mind stepping over those lines just because you feel like you have a right. Forget having a sense of privacy or trying to hide things from you; she will become a crazy detective and sniff everything you hide.

You may feel like you have to account for every move you make, but remember that it’s your insecurities that make you so dominant. The toxic woman is afraid that you will leave her, which many others have probably done in her life.

6. You drown in your desire to please others.

She equates her worth by pleasing others. A toxic woman will lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate to make you think she’s worthy of you. He wants to please you so much that he has forgotten what he really needs in a relationship.

7. She is extremely insecure

Their insecurities take center stage in your relationship. For example, she may ask you 50 times if you like the dress she is wearing, as she is afraid it will make her look plump. She needs your constant affirmations to make her feel like she’s okay, and if you can’t provide them, then her mood can change a penny.

8. She attracts other toxic partners

I like it calls to like, or so the old saying goes. She has undoubtedly been unlucky in love for the decisions she has made. She is often attracted to the bad boy who lives on the edge and has had some run-ins with the law.

9. She never learns from her mistakes.

She is the type to touch the stove even when her mom tells her not to. He does the same things over and over again because he never seems to learn anything from his mistakes. She will ruin you and drive your life crazy, as you will always be cleaning up her messes.

10. She needs a lot of attention

Being in a relationship with this woman, romantic or not, can seem like a daunting task. She clings to you tighter than a cat in a storm. They need your attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they are not afraid to monopolize your time.

Be careful when dealing with attention seekers as they will create drama and situations in your life. You’ve probably experienced so much drama in your life that you don’t know how to live without it.

11. She is always trying to fix things.

It may drive you crazy, but she tries to fix everyone around her. But again, you must realize that she chaos lifestyle you have created an atmosphere in which you constantly feel compelled to make changes. As a result, she may be overly critical and try to make you change things about you that don’t suit her.

12. She regularly plays the victim

Have you noticed that she always plays at being the victim? It doesn’t matter what happens to her or who is on the other side; she is always blameless in the matter. She has played the victim so well that she has even begun to believe it herself.

This manipulative tactic has become part of his identity. You may feel like you need to be your savior, but don’t get caught up in the drama. You can listen, but you need to set firm limits on how far you will go with her and her constant problems.

13. She is easily jealous

Having friends or being in a relationship with someone other than her is problematic. She is extremely jealous of your other friends or even a lover. She wants to be the center of your world and she doesn’t take too lightly other people interrupting your time with her.

According to the National Library of Medicine, most cases of domestic violence start out of jealousy. Do not think that just because you are a woman you will not turn violent if you feel that your position is threatened.

14. She micromanages your life

You feel that your life is not yours when she is around. She micromanages every aspect of your day and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she knows your every move. You must realize that she is controlling, but power issues stem from her life being out of control.

Toxic women aren’t born that way, but they tend to evolve after years of psyche-changing blows. According to Medical News Today, people who have personality disorders tend to be controlling, as well as those who have been victims of abuse. So if they want to know where you are every minute, scan your phone and other online devices for dirt on you, or try to control your access to your family, then you should run.

15. She is manipulative

Men don’t usually cry crocodile tears as well as women. She has learned to use her tears to manipulate you in what she wants. For example, if you say that you are not going to the movies and you see something she wants to see, her tears may appear to try to manipulate you into going anyway.

You can play the guilt card better than anyone else, and if you don’t get away with it, watch out!

Final thoughts on the toxic woman

Everyone has things in their life that have happened to mold them and mold them into the person they are today. However, the toxic woman has gone through some things that have negatively altered her. She may be a victim of abuse or has grown up in a dysfunctional home where she was neglected and her needs didn’t matter.

Trying to have a relationship with her will be difficult. His needs will always outshine yours, and he will never see what makes you wrong. Whether it’s your lovers or just your friends, the toxic woman can ruin you, so be careful when getting involved.

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