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12 Good Things That Happen When You Stop Repressing Feelings

Do you carry loads that seem to choke your life? Some refer to these huge weights as carrying a heavy load. But the damage it causes inside is far more significant than people realize. Worse yet, you inflict even more stress if you begin to suppress your feelings in an effort to stay strong.

Life is full of disappointments, but according to the National Institute of HealthIt is how you react to these setbacks that can alter the course of your existence.

What makes someone start to suppress their feelings?

Repressed feelings describe emotions that you involuntarily avoid. These are different from repressed feelings, which are feelings that you deliberately avoid because you don’t want to deal with them.

If you and your spouse decide that you want a divorce, it does not mean that you can stop working or the following week. You still have to go to work and run business, so put aside or suppress these emotions until you have time to deal with them.

Often times, people suppress things as a short-term solution when they can’t handle the situation right now. The key is that you have to deal with them at some point or cause a big problem. Repressed feelings They are those emotions that you never processed.

Do not think that these feelings and emotions will go away if you do not deal with them, as they will remain under the surface. In most cases, they will manifest as physical pains and discomforts because your emotions are causing significant distress internally.

A hypothetical example would be Carrie, who lost her mother at a young age. She was forced to live with a father who did not know how to connect with her and was often lonely. During his teens, his father becomes quite abusive.

She grew up thinking that something was wrong and that she was a bad girl who made her mother sick. Furthermore, he validated this emotion because his father didn’t seem to like it either. Feeling a failure and outcast defined her life.

The loads she carried were, in fact, too much to handle, and what happened to her as a child affected her as an adult. She repressed years of frustrations and feelings of inadequacy that spilled over into her marriage.

Carrie suffered from depression, anxiety and Bipolar disorder. If you just knew how to stop holding back your feelings, you could have a more positive life.

Common types of repressed emotions

Most of the emotions you suppress will be unpleasant or those that cause you significant discomfort. The most repressed feelings are anger, sadness, fear, frustration, and disappointment. Essentially, people repress those things that are negative.

It is not uncommon for people to fear the judgment of others, or you may hit yourself. In most cases, these feelings come from childhood. The parents of yesteryear weren’t that great psychologically, although a lot of improvements have been made.

Parents didn’t always validate your feelings, and they may even have encouraged you to stop crying or showing outbursts. So, you learn to suppress things so you don’t get into trouble. He learned not to be in touch with his emotions and can follow him into adulthood.

Twelve Positive Things That Happen When You Stop Suppressing Your Feelings

What luggage do you carry on a daily basis? The load is heavy to haul and it’s causing you more trouble than you think. Perhaps you should understand the positive things that will happen when you stop suppressing your feelings. These are the things that can happen.

1. You will have less stress

Stress is unavoidable in life, but it can sometimes cause more pressure than you need. When you reflect on your problems or don’t address them, it will cause your muscles to tense and your mind to overload. Letting go of your charges will give you more energy to focus on other things because you are no longer preoccupied with all the negativities.

2. You will have the lowest blood pressure

There is a direct link between your blood pressure and your stress levels. According to the National Institute of HealthWhen you’re under stress, your body releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline to combat feelings. These hormones will increase your blood pressure levels.

So it stands to reason that when you stop suppressing the things that cause you stress, it will lower your blood pressure.

3. Your whole perspective will change

Have you ever carried a heavy bag or duffel bag with you? Do you remember how relieved you felt when you lost that weight? You will receive the same relief when you get rid of your pent-up feelings.

Getting rid of what is emotionally tormenting you will give you a new perspective on life.

4. You will experience better relationships

Maybe you have resentments and past relationship failures. You cannot pass someone new when you are constantly stuck in the past. Remember, it is not what is behind you that counts; it’s the lessons you learn that keep you going.

5. You will have better communication

Nobody feels like talking when they carry the world on their shoulders. When your emotions are out of place, you don’t feel like getting out of bed and facing others. You can have more open communication when you learn to talk about all the things that bother you, especially if you open up and talk to a counselor.

6. You will smile more

You will be so relieved when you manage your emotions that you will want to smile more. It’s challenging to put a smile on your face when your whole world seems to be falling apart. However, positivity gives you a reason to be radiant.

7. The future won’t look so bleak

You will start dreaming again. When you are caught in the vicious cycle of reflecting on your problems, it is impossible to think about your future. When you are stuck in the past and your emotions are a mess, you want to get through the day. Fortunately, letting go of your burdens will help you feel better and look forward to the future with hope.

8. Depression and anxiety will decrease

While some depressive episodes occur due to chemical imbalances in the brain, others are caused by circumstances. It’s natural to feel depressed and sad when you’ve lost a loved one, your job, or had some other horrible event in your life. Once you get rid of all these pent-up feelings, you will feel some of the depression cloud raise.

9. Your attitude will change

It’s easy to have a bad attitude when you feel depressed and negative all the time. Releasing the burdens you carry can be very liberating. Not only will your outlook on life change, it will also improve your attitude.

If you are sad and sad all the time, then you will have no reason to smile. Oh how wonderful it will feel when you finally conquer these demons that haunt you.

10. You will have the courage to step out of your comfort zone

Fear and anxiety about your future will stop you. Maybe you want to go back to school, get back into the dating group, or try a new hobby. You may have lacked the courage to do these things before because your emotions were so out of control.

However, once things are back under control, you’ll be in the mood to take some risks. After all, if you can overcome those pent-up feelings, then why not tackle something else?

11. You will want to go out and do things

Remember all those phone calls and invitations that you turned down because you didn’t feel like going out? It is completely normal to want to lock yourself in your bedroom and cry. Being in a bad mood won’t get you anywhere in life, but going out and mingling with others will help.

Most people want to feel like they have a life, and it’s hard to feel like a contributing member of society when you’re feeling miserable all the time. Your emotions can be as bad as a raging storm that is causing massive destruction. Once the winds and waves die down, you can learn to see the beauty around you.

12. You will love yourself again

While many situations can slow you down, it seems that matters of the heart hurt the most. Stop punishing yourself for the things you did or did not do well with past loves. So a relationship didn’t work out; it doesn’t mean the next one ends the same way.

There is someone for everyone and your special someone is waiting for you to find them. However, the wonderful man or woman does not usually knock on the door of your house, so you will have to go out among people again. When your heart has healed from previous damage and you have your emotions under control, then you are ready to fall in love again.

Final thoughts on how to repress feelings

Suppressing your feelings is only holding you back. When you drown in negativity, you can not continue with the positive things that life has for you. It’s time to deal with all the emotions you’ve put off, be it by default or on purpose. It is time to live again, and this may be your first day and the first step towards healing.


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