12 Best Summer Makeup Tips For a Sweat-Proof Look — Expert Advice

With the weather heating up, a new season of opportunities to try out all those summer makeup looks you’ve saved on Instagram are upon us. But if you’re not careful with your product selection, you risk your makeup slipping and sliding off your face when you step into the sweltering summer heat. (Thanks for that, sweat.)

For this same reason, almost every makeup artist in the game swears by super lightweight, sheer, creamy products in the summertime — think tinted moisturizers and cream blush — as they lessen the chances of your makeup turning into a sweaty, cakey disaster the second the sun hits. Instead, they meld into a naturally dewy glow. Sweatproof, water-resistant products are also key to ensure any oils or sweat from the day won’t melt away your makeup. Multitasking makeup will come in handy, too, for easy, midday touchups.  

But most of all, impeccable makeup — no matter the season — always starts with hydrating skin care. In fact, when Allure tapped several professional makeup artists to find out their best summer makeup tips, all stressed the importance of proper exfoliation with some handy tools and prepping skin with sunscreen. Curious to know what other summer makeup tips they’ve got up their sleeves? Keep scrolling to find out.

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