12 Best of Blow-Dryers For Curly Hair 2021 — Including Dyson and Harry Josh

Curly hair ain’t nothing to trifle with. The spiral-y way it grows out of your hair looks beautiful, but ultimately, it’s more fragile than straight hair and can get dry really easily. So when you’ve got curls and you’re looking for a blow-dryer, you have to be extra selective.

But finding the right tools for curly hair can be tricky. Use the wrong flatiron, curling iron, or heat setting, and you can potentially destroy your curl pattern. A blow-dryer is no different. Choosing one that’s too powerful can lead to loads of frizz — and on the opposite end, a less intense airflow can take forever to get hair dry. 

There are several factors that differentiate a blow-dryer for curly hair from one that’s better for textures without a bit of bend. “A blow-dryer is the most invaluable asset in your beauty tool arsenal and is worth spending a little extra (research and) money on,” explains New York City-based hairstylist Devin Toth of Salon SCK. “It’s so important to find a high-quality, durable hair dryer that comes equipped with diverse heat settings and blow-dryer attachments that suit your specific hair needs.” For starters, it should have multiple heat settings, as well as and a powerful airflow to dry tighter curls quickly, but not to the point of dry out or damage

As a shopping starting point, keep in mind that your blow-dryer is more about the tool itself and not just the attachment. You can easily replace a diffuser; you’d have to start over with the base if it conks out — and that’s often a pricier purchase and requires a bit of research. Another major consideration for curly textures is whether you’re looking to simply dry and define your curls or if you want to smooth your hair out into a blowout. This is where the attachments really come into play. 

To help sort out which is best for your desired style, we consulted several hairstylists, all of whom have been asked frequently by their clients which are the best blow-dryers to use at home. Here’s what they shared as their favorite blow-dryers for curly hair.

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