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10 Ways to Reconnect With Your Inner Child

Everyone starts out as a child in this world and little by little you become an adult. You learn many lessons during your childhood, but there are some things that you would rather leave in the past. However, as you grow up and transform into an adult, you still have an inner child that yearns to be released from time to time.

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with your inner child and need to be introduced to this silent being on the inside. Your inner child is the person who discovered all kinds of fascinating things about life out of curiosity. While you are in an adult body, the child inside loves to walk through the toy aisle, even if you no longer play with them.

It is curiosity and zest for life that you need to reconnect with, as it is often lost as you get older. This child within you still loves superheroes and has aspirations to do something great like write a movie or book. Perhaps he or she wants to go to a distant land and explore ancient ruins or an exotic beach.

This little person within you is the gentle push trying to show you things about the world around you that you might not notice in the hustle and bustle of your day.

Ways the Inner Child Helps You

The benefits of connecting with this child are enormous, as they help keep his heart young. Here are some other benefits of reconnecting.

  • It keeps you always aware of your goals.
  • It allows you to create your own rules and follow them.
  • It helps you focus on your dreams and not get caught up in your daily routine.
  • It makes you see the world around you as a place of wonder rather than all the negativity and darkness.
  • Helps you recognize dangers and when to be afraid.
  • It teaches you that you need to love more and worry less

Ten ways to reconnect with the inner child

Since there are so many benefits to connecting with this child inside, you probably need some instruction to achieve this goal. Here are the following ways to start the reconnection process.

1. Laugh often

Do you remember when you were a kid laughing, even laughing because you had nothing to stop you? You didn’t have to worry about paying bills or getting up early to go to work. You lived in the moment and what toy would you play with next.

If you want to release this inner child, laugh out loud. The key is to laugh like no one is looking at you and not be aware of it. There are so many things in life that can make you laugh, but if you need some inspiration, you can use the internet.

It’s okay to be completely ridiculous, as the inner child will connect with this lighthearted and fun nature. Take part in fun games with your family, like slug bug, eye spy, and other travel competitions. Find opportunities to laugh every day, and it can do wonders for your mental health, too, according to the National Library of Medicine.

2. Improve your laser-like concentration

Do you remember how focused you were as a child while working on your Legos or putting together a dollhouse? Your concentration was difficult to break since you had a goal in mind and nothing was going to divert you from achieving it. Some call this laser-like concentration because the focus is so strong that it is apparently unbreakable.

While mundane chores like bathing, brushing teeth, or dressing for school seemed like forever, the moments spent with those toys flew by. By improving your focus, you are clearing the way for what matters most. The key is to do your work with intense concentration, and you can have fun once you’re done.

The child within you wants to feel, love, discover new things, be innovative, and yearns to do something great.

3. Explore and get out of your comfort zone

During his formative years, he was constantly faced with new sights, experiences, and people. However, there were times when you just wanted to be alone and play with your toys. When he greeted new people and things, he had to learn to adapt.

The world around you changed in the blink of an eye, and you had to learn a completely new reality that included the new things you have discovered. Children must learn to expand their comfort zones constantly and adults are not so interested in making changes. Adapting and evolving is only part of life, but adults are not eager to step out of their comfort zones.

It would be helpful if you learned to stop being grumpy and get in your way, and you need to embrace the endless wonders around you. The child inside you yearns for adventure and to change things up a bit.

4. Exploring the world around you

One of the best ways to connect with your inner child is to take a nature walk. Find a place that you find exciting and enjoyable and let your senses run wild. Take an inventory of the sounds you hear, the shapes you see, and the scents blowing in the breeze.

Using your senses helps you open up to a new reality. As you walk, take a walk down memory lane. Go back in time to where you thought art was a creation and it captivated you. Do you remember drawing big trees with their branches stretched up to the sky and the sunlight shining on them?

Somehow you felt that drawing those trees was related to walking outside on a warm summer day. Strolling through the world around you will help you reactivate these memories and re-focus.

5. Recognize your strengths in enhancing internal peace and security

Everyone needs to feel protected, especially a child. You must form an unbreakable identity that you know will protect you. You can achieve this by learning your strengths emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Embrace your gifts and accept your challenges. If you want to connect with your inner child, you must make them feel safe.

6. Keep your feelings in proper alignment

It would be helpful if you did things to honor your inner child, which means you need to maintain proper alignment. The adult in you wants to please people and not say no when people ask you to do something. However, you may need to brush up on your self-esteem.

Never put other people’s feelings above your own, as this will make your inner child feel abandoned and scared.

7. Take care of your inner child

Sometimes the child within you is broken or injured due to trauma. This can cause you to act like a child due to pain. In these cases, you must care for and nurture this inner child and let it know that it is safe, loved, and protected. Use positive affirmations to heal deep wounds that keep you in conflict.

8. Work on the blockages of the chakras

If you are in touch with your spiritual self, you may know about the chakras. These wheels are energy points in your body, and when you have negativity, pain, or illness, these energy points are blocked.

The sacral chakra It is the one that is connected to your child within, so you need to make sure you unblock this path so that you can reconnect. Meditation is a great way to start opening up these clogged paths.

9. Write a letter to your inner child

If you want to connect with your inner child, a journal may be the key. If it has been several years since you logged out, you may have a lot of questions. Journaling is a great way to awaken this inner self, and it can help bring back memories of childhood things that you may have forgotten a long time ago.

It’s also okay to write a letter to your inner child, as you may have unsolved business to care.

10. Cultivate your aspirations

Remember the days when you thought that every impossible task that came your way was nothing more than a bump in the road? Your inner child has no trouble seeing obstacles as nothing important, which is different from adults. As an adult, you feel all kinds of pressures and are often not underestimated.

You’re stuck in the 9-5pm grind and opting for fast food because there aren’t enough hours to cook a healthy meal. Connecting with the inner child will allow you to rekindle those passions that can conquer the impossible. Maybe you wanted to write a book.

Sure, that book may not be on New York’s bestseller list, but it will be powerful because it will accomplish something that seems impossible. Every day, your mind will meditate on tons of goals you want to achieve. It would be better if you reconnected with all those who seem unfeasible, impossible and improbable.

Final thoughts on reconnecting with your inner child

The child within you is not a means of avoidance or a vehicle for you to act irresponsibly. Rather, connecting with the inner child allows you to open up your sense of wonder. It is the core of your being, a personal character that cannot be formed or demolished, simply transformed.

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