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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Not Having Kids

Are your family and society pressuring you because you chose not to have children for your life? You can rest assured that you are not alone in this decision.

In fact, a article in Time magazine found that more than 47 percent of women now choose to live a life without children.

The trend is growing as more women pursue careers and look to their professional lives, and it doesn’t leave much time for children. In addition, people can seek other methods to find happiness. The old theory that having a baby brings happiness has not been proven.

Raising children is a difficult task and it is not a job for the faint of heart. While a child brings a lot of joy to a person’s life, it also brings a lot of responsibility and they tie you down. It’s not easy to travel the world, move up the corporate ladder, and live a carefree lifestyle when you have a small child in your bag.

So what about all the family members who pressure you to have grandchildren join your growing brood? You can let them know that you are not singled out, as this growing trend has fewer people looking to grow their family and instead focus on their own health and happiness.

Reasons You Should Avoid Growing Your Family

You know the reasons why not having children works for you. You want your freedom and you don’t want anything or anyone to interfere with your lifestyle. Remember, nearly 50 percent of women in this country feel the same way, so it’s obvious that the tide is turning on whether having children is acceptable. Here are some reasons why you should feel justified in your decision.

1. You will be healthier mentally and physically

When you choose to be a parent, you will do it in the long run. Think of the journey to motherhood as a sprint and not a marathon. There is no real defining moment when responsibility ends.

When your son turns 18, he still needs a father and support. There is no magic number when you stop caring about your children. A study was conducted in the Journal of Childhood and Family Studies.

The health of a mother is affected by when she brings a child into this world. Relationships are complicated, and the association between a parent and their child is often complicated. He will worry, walk the floor, cry, and stress over the child’s choices. In fact, all of this strain can affect your health.

To say that there is a lot of energy, dedication, obligation and responsibility when you have a child is an understatement. Women who don’t bring this stress into their lives are healthier, according to the study. So the next time someone pressures you to have a family, remind them that you will be much healthier without them.

2. You will sleep more

Parents lose a lot of sleep for their children, and it is not only in the first year that you will be deprived of sleep. On average, a mother sleeps about 1.5 hours less each night, according to a recent study.

Dads are also in the same boat, as it is difficult to sleep with a crying baby nearby. While some people try to make up for it by taking naps whenever possible, parents regularly complain of fatigue issues. When you have problems with lack of sleep, it can affect many areas of your life.

Did you know that lack of sleep can cause hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease?

3. You will not have as much exposure to germs and diseases

Many parents depend on day care to take care of their children while they work. Sadly, children are little germ creatures, wiping their noses frequently, licking things, and passing germs from one toy to another. Nurseries are cesspools of germs and it is not uncommon for things like stomach flu or other illnesses to spread like wildfire in these establishments.

Without a doubt, you will lose fewer days of work due to trivial diseases transmitted by your children. It seems that not having children will allow you to accumulate those sick days for personal use.

4. Privacy will not be a problem

Having a child certainly affects your relationships. If you can’t get your child to sleep at night or in your bed, it can cause intimacy problems. A tired person who is stressed and worried about their child does not feel like being romantic.

If you think the problem ends when they become teenagers, you are sadly wrong. TO survey conducted found that parents of teenagers have 45 percent less sex than parents without children. So no matter how old your child is, it seems like they will affect his romantic life.

5. Your back could be healthier

Hippokratia medical journal notes that many women develop back pain during pregnancy.

But after giving birth, you may not get the rest you need for your back pain. It takes some real muscle to get a baby up and down from a car seat, as well as to carry them on your hips wherever you go. All of these muscles will tense and this pressure can lead to ongoing back pain.

Although the pain is not usually immediate, over time, you will notice that your body creates ways to compensate for the unevenly distributed weight of carrying a young child.

6. You will have more money

It costs a lot of money to raise children in today’s world. TO United States Department of The agriculture report estimates that it costs about $ 245,340.00 to raise a child from birth to 18 years of age.

You are responsible for food, clothing and education, and you cannot forget about all those little expenses that come into play. It’s no wonder you have more money if you don’t want to have children.

7. You will eat healthier

It is a challenge to eat and live a healthy lifestyle when you have children around. They want snacks and of course you need to give them a cookie every now and then to keep them well rounded. However, if you are going to follow a plant-based diet like the one observed in a vegan lifestyle, it is almost impossible with a child.

Children have different nutritional needs than an adult. It is more difficult for parents to maintain a healthy body as they do not have the energy to cook two different meals.

8.Your stress will be less

Stress is unavoidable in the life. However, when you have children, you face things like financial and emotional stresses and work stress. Constant stress plays an important role in your physical and mental health. It’s no fun going to bed at night and worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills and doing it for another month.

Not having children is a good choice if you want financial freedom and less stress. You won’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay for little Susie’s piano lessons or Johnny’s soccer team requirements. When you stress less, you live a healthier and happier life.

9. You will have a lot of time alone

One of the main complaints of parents is that they do not have enough time to be alone or take care of themselves. While you don’t need a lot of alone time, it’s nice to be able to take a bubble bath and listen to music from time to time. Sadly, a parent would like to use the bathroom in peace.

Children are time-consuming as their needs are always pressing. In the younger years, they are very clingy as the need to be close is always present. Not having children will allow you spend time pampering yourself and enjoy a quiet evening without interruptions.

10. Your relationships are more likely to last

You know that children are a drain on finances, health, and privacy, so it is no wonder that people with children often have trouble maintaining a relationship. Trying to juggle work, home, and children leaves little time for romantic interests. Even those who do manage to have relationships will struggle when the children’s needs come first.

While some people stay together for the children, many leave for the children as well. A relationship does not need young people to survive. In any case, those without children seem to last longer and are healthier.

Final thoughts on not having children, despite the pressure

While many people have a clear idea that a woman should marry and have children in their heads, social norms change to incorporate a different vision. Not having children is a choice that you can freely make and no one can force you to think otherwise.

Having children or not is a very personal matter and you don’t owe anyone an explanation for your decisions. If you want to focus on your career and experiences in this life, you may better without children. Some people are not the parenting type, and that’s okay. The world needs aunts and uncles, as well as good cousins, too.

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