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10 Reasons for Couples to Renew Their Vows (And Love)

There is nothing more sacred than taking your wedding vows with the person you love. Making the trip down the aisle is a time to celebrate finding the person who completes you.

However, every year, many people decide renew your vows and make the declaration of love again.

Marriage is not easy. They have to weather many storms as a couple, and there are times when throwing in the towel seems like a viable option. According to a study cited by IF studies, divorce has reached an all-time low of just 14 percent.

Did the events of the past year bring marriages closer together, or do people not get married as much? It’s anyone’s guess these days. Millennial crowds prefer to live together before making a lifetime commitment. Many of these people don’t need a piece of paper to express their devotion to each other.

Still, many people have old-fashioned values ​​and want the paper and the ring that goes with it. Marriage is both a legal and a physical union. When it comes to renewing the oaths made to each other, more people favor this symbolic act.

What’s better than having one wedding is having two. Why not? If you have the person, the time, and the money, then a second wedding can be just as special as the first.

Ten reasons to renew your vows

Have you thought of a reengagement ceremony for you and your spouse? Were you so caught up in the drama and planning initially that you want a chance to get it right? Here are ten common reasons why people want to take that famous trip down the aisle a second time, and they can be compelling enough to convince you to do the same.

1. A reaffirmation of love

The best reason to have a renewal ceremony is reaffirm your love. Some people do this once a year and others at least once during their union. It’s just taking time out of your busy life to tell the person you love that you choose them, today, tomorrow and forever.

2. To start over

Since marriage can be so difficult, there are many times when you need to refresh things. Perhaps there was infidelity, health battles, or other problems. After they’ve been through some severe storms, it’s often good to reaffirm the commitment they made to each other.

Some say it could be a last-ditch effort to save things, but it can be a new beginning and an effort to put the past behind.

3. To change vows and mutual promises

Perhaps, you let the minister say the oaths on the two of you and you had nothing to say. It was not popular for people to write their votes until the last decade. You may want the opportunity to renew mutual promises with words you want to say and not written content.

It’s okay to use the hindsight of many years together to write oaths for the rest of your journey. Things certainly change as time and ages go by, and it’s okay to reaffirm your love and dedication to this person who is your other half.

4. Celebrating an anniversary

One of the most popular reasons people want a renovation ceremony is to celebrate an anniversary. It is commonly seen on monumental occasions such as 25 or 50 year intervals. If you reach 25, then you have done something significant in this life.

Imagine spending 25 birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries with a person by your side. It is certainly a cause for celebration. The great thing about taking that step forward is that you are telling this person that even after all these years, they are still the one for you.

Another benefit is that the entire family, many of whom may not have been born yet, can be there to help you celebrate.

5. To make the Union feel special again

After being together for a while, it’s not uncommon for things become dull or stale. How many times have you felt that your love or union is no longer special? As much as they grow up together, they can also separate.

A renewal ceremony can restore a little spark to a marriage where you exist together. Planning a wedding at any age is exciting, and it’s even more exciting when you know that the person next to you will be in it for the long haul.

6. They didn’t have the wedding of their dreams

Some people want to redo their first nuptials. This type of renewal ceremony is often seen when people eloped with a court wedding or there were not the funds to have the wedding of their dreams. Perhaps, there are no photos of the bride in a dress because there was no dress.

Whatever the reasoning behind this action, it is remarkable to have a ceremony where a couple can redo the things they regretted during their union. It is not uncommon to see these ceremonies sooner rather than later, especially among younger brides who want the fanfare.

7. Share the event with the children

Although mentioned briefly before, another reason to renew your oaths is to have your children with you. In most cases, there are no children before the marriage began, so this will allow you to celebrate your love and commitment to each other with your precious children by your side.

If time has allowed the grandchildren, then it may be an even more glorious occasion. Family is everything and having all these precious people by your side is even more of an event to celebrate. It is always amazing to see what true love and mutual dedication can do.

8. Inclusion of absent parties

It is not always possible for all the people you love to come to a wedding. There are always considerations like work, finances and distance that make getting to such an event challenging. Fortunately, having a renewal service allows you more time to plan for the inclusion of those people.

This type of service is often seen in cases where people marry someone from another country. They can have a ceremony in the United States and then travel to the other nation to have a service to include the family there.

9. A formal ceremony

Formal ceremonies are essential for some people. Maybe you got married in court and now you want a church wedding. You may not have been spiritual when you first married, but since then you have grown strong in your faith. Having a formal ceremony based on your spirituality is not uncommon.

On the other hand, your first wedding might have been minimal due to funding, so this time you want to have all the glitz and glamor that a formal ceremony can bring.

10. To correct a false start

Many marriages have false starts. It simply means that you have married for all the wrong reasons. Countless couples walked down the aisle because the woman was pregnant or felt they had no other choice. Some people got married because of a joke or because they had nothing better to do.

There are 101 reasons why people commit to each other, even those who want a “business relationship.” However, after spending a lot of time together, you realize that you love the person for the right reasons. In these cases, renewing your vows is a perfect opportunity to set the record straight.

Although things didn’t start out like the fairy tale most people imagine, it certainly turned out to be everything you could have hoped for and more. So why not take the time to renew your commitment and do it for the right reasons?

Final thoughts on renewing your vows

Is there anything more amazing than love between two people? Statista states that there are currently more than 62 million married couples in this country alone. When you’ve found who your other half is, then it’s commonplace to take a trip down the hall to solidify that bond.

However, many people believe that at some point in the union they must renew their vows. Whether you want your children to be a part of this ceremony, you got off to a wrong start, you didn’t get your dream wedding, or you want to re-commit to one another, having a makeover service is a good investment.

Maybe you didn’t get the photos you wanted because there was no money for a dress or a tux. Having a renewal will allow you to take the images you want. The beauty of renewing your vows is that you can make it as elaborate or as simple as you want.

You can choose to do it barefoot by the sea or in a dance hall in fancy clothes. The options are endless. Some people love reaffirming mutual commitment so much that they do it every year.

Whatever your reasoning, there is never a wrong reason to make a declaration of love to someone who means the world to you.

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