Is 10 Trinken Lids and Tall Boy Cups tops or is The Deep Freeze? better?

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Todays heads up is for two lovely products from Trinken that seem really great. Between 10 Trinken Lids and Tall Boy Cups and The Deep Freeze, which do we like better? Why? Let’s take a closer peek and see what we can see.

The first product on our list is

10 Trinken Lids and Tall Boy Cups

A Trinken Lid and Our New Tall Cup

We’ve had thousands of happy customers who’ve bought the original Trinken Lids and Cup and lots of them have asked us when the tall can cup is coming out. Well it’s here now! Fits every can from 500ml (17oz) to regular 350 (12oz) cans. Now after years of development, we have the ultimate pair! 

The Lid:

The Trinken Lid was invented after wanting to have a cold beer in a covert manner. Simply open your can of choice, snap it into the bottom of the lid, and pop the lid on the cup. Instant stealth beer cozy!

Trinken >
Trinken Lid and Tall Boy Cup > 10 Trinken Lids and Tall Boy Cups

The 2nd product on our list for today is The Deep Freeze.

A gigantic ice mold that holds an entire 6 pack. Use it as a cool way to display and chill beers, put it in your cooler and have the coldest beer when you arrive or just make a giant puddle somewhere.

  • Ice mold also works as a stand to display and collect water
  • Works with 12oz, 16oz cans and most bottles
  • Comes with metal ring and 6 inserts

Trinken >
Keychains, Beer Mats and Ice Molds > The Deep Freeze

I’m saying my pick between these two has got to be by a very tiny margin: 10 Trinken Lids and Tall Boy Cups.

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